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Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland
Places beginning with B


  • Page 107
    Ba, Ba or A-Baw, Ba or Bahill, Baads, Baberton, Babylon, Bach, Bachnagairn, Back, Backaskail, Backies, Backlass, Backmuir, Backwater, Badcaul, Baden or Baddanloch, Badenoch
  • Page 108
    Badenscoth, Badensgill, Badenyon, Badlieu, Baggage-Knowe, Baidland, Baikie, Bailford, Baillieston, Baillivanich, Bainsford, Bainshole, Bainton, Bairdston, Balagich or Ballageich, Balaklava, Balallan, Balantradoch, Balbardie, Balbeggie, Balbegno, Balbirinie
  • Page 109
    Balbirnie, Balbithan, Balblair, Balbrogie, Balbunnoch, Balcall, Balcaithly, Balcarres, Balcary, Balcaskie, Balcastle, Balchristie, Balcomie, Balconie, Balcraig, Balcruvie or Pitcruvie, Balcurvie, Baldermonocks, Baldernock
  • Page 110
    Baldoon Castle, Baldovan, Baldovie, Baldowrie, Baldragon, Baldridge, Balerno, Balerno Railway, Baleshare, Balevil, Balfour, Balfron
  • Page 111
    Balgair, Balgarvie, Balgavies, Balgay, Balgedie, Balglass, Balgonar, Balgone, Balgonie, Balgowan, Balgown, Balgownie, Balgray, Balgray Hill, Balgreggan, Balhousie, Balintore Castle, Balintore, Balintraid, Balisheac, Balivanich, Balkail, Balkello, Balkissock, Ballachroy
  • Page 112
    Ballachulish, Ballachuilsh and Corran of Ardgour, Ballagan, Ballageich, Ballanachist, Ballanbreich, Ballancrieff, Ballandarg, Ballangeich, Ballanree, Ballantrae
  • Page 113
    Ballat, Ballater, Pass of Ballater, Ballatrich or Ballaterach, Balleave, Ballechin, Balledgarno or Ballerno, Ballenach, Ballenbreich, Ballencrieff
  • Page 114
    Ballencreiff, Ballendrick, Ballerno, Balleshare, Ballevullin, Ballewan, Balliasta, Ballibeg, Ballichroisk, Ballied, Balligill, Ballikinrain, Ballimore, Ballincreiff, Ballindalloch, Ballindean, Ballingry, Ballinluig, Ballintomb, Ballintore, Ballintraid, Ballintuim, Ballo, Balloch
  • Page 115
    Balloch, Ballochmyle, Ballochney, Ballochvoy, Ballogie, Ballowmill, Ballumbie, Ballychelish, Ballygrant, Ballykellet, Ballyphuill, Ballyshare, Ballyshear, Balmacaan, Balmacarra, Balmaclellan
  • Page 116
    Balmaduthy, Balmaghie, Balmaha, Balmain, Balmakelly, Balmakewan, Balmalcolm, Balmaleedie, Balmangan, Balmanno, Balmaqueen, Balmashanner, Balmerino
  • Page 117
    Balmodan, Balmoral, Balmore, Balmossie, Balmule, Balmullo, Balmungo, Balmuto, Balm Well, Balnaboth, Balnacross, Balnagard, Balnageith, Balnagowan, Balnahuaigh
  • Page 118
    Balnakiel, Balnakyle, Balnamoon, Balnellan, Balone, Balquhain Castle, Balquhapple, Balquhatston, Balquhidder
  • Page 119
    Balquholly, Balranald, Balruddery, Balshagry, Balshando, Balta, Balthayock, Baltilly, Balvag, Balvaird, Balvenie, Balvicar, Balvie, Balvraid, Balwearie
  • Page 120
    Bamff House, Banavie, Banchory-Devenick, Banchory-Ternan
  • Page 121
    Bancleroche or Kirkton, Bancrosh, Bandirran, Bandirran South, Bandrum, Baneton or Bainton, Banff
  • Page 122
  • Page 124
    Banffshire Railway, Bangholm Junction, Bangour
  • Page 125
    Bank Burn, bankend, Bankfoot, Bankhead, Bankier, Banknock, Banks, bankton, Bannachra or Benuchara, Bannatyne, Bannavie, Bannock Burn, Bannockburn
  • Page 128
    Banovie, Bantaskine, Banton, Bara, Barachan, Barachuie, Barassie, Barbaraville, Barbaswalls, Barbauchlaw, Barber or Barbour, Barbieston, Barbreck, Barcaldine, Barcaple, Barclosh, Barcloy, Bardennock, Bardhead, Bardock, Bardowie, Baremman, Bargaly, Bargany, Bargarran
  • Page 129
    Bargatton, Bargeddie, Bargrennan, Barhead, Barhill, Barholm, Barhullion, Barjarg, Barlay Mill, Barleyknowe, Barleyside, Barlocco, Barmekin, Barmill, Barmore, Barmure, Barnbarroch, Barnbougle, Barncluith, Barnhill, Barnhill's Bed, Barnhourie, Barnkirk, Barnock, Barns
  • Page 130
    Barns - East and West, Barnsford, Barnshean, Barnslee, Barns of Ayr, Barntalloch, Barnton, Barnwell, Barnyards, Barochan, Barochan-Mill, Barone-Hill, Barony, Barr
  • Page 131
    Barra, Barra or Barray, Barrachuie, Barras, Barray, Barrel of Butter, Barrhead
  • Page 132
    Barrhill, Barrisdale, Barrmill, Barrochan, Barrock, Barrogill Castle, Barrowfield, Barrschol, Barry, Barry Hill, Barscobe, Barshaw, Barshell, Barsick, Barskimming, Barthol, Bartonholm, Barvas
  • Page 133
    Barvick, Barwhinnock, Bass, Bassendean, Bastavoe, Bastine
  • Page 134
    Bath, Batha Loch, Bathane, Bathernock, Bathgate
  • Page 135
    Bathgate and Edinburgh Railway, Bathville Row, Battery Point, Batties Bog, Battle-Drum, Battle-Dykes, Battle-Fauld, Battle-Hill, Battle-Knowes, Battle-Law, Battock, Baturich or Boturich Castle, Bauden, Bavelaw, Bawkie or Balgie, Bay, Bayble, Bayfield, Bayhead, Bayhervagh, Bayneton, Bay of Martyrs, Beacon Hill, Bealach
  • Page 136
    Bealach-nam-Bo, Beal-an-Duine, Beallochantuy, Beannach, Beanoch, Beansburn, Bearsden, Beath, Beattock, Beaufort Castle, Beauly
  • Page 137
    Beaumont, Beaver-Craig, Beckton, Bedlay, Bedlormie, Bedrule, Bee, Beechwood, Beeswing, Beg, Beich, Beil
  • Page 138
    Bell-Grange, Beith, Belchester, Beld Craig, Belhaven, Belhelvie
  • Page 139
    Belivat, Bella, Belladrum, Bellahouston, Bellanoch, Bell-Craig, Belleville, Bellfield, Bellfeld, Bellie
  • Page 140
    Bell Rock or Inchcape, Bellshill, Bellsquarry, Bellycloan, Belmaduthy, Belmeanach, Belmont, Belnaboth, Belnagoak, Belnahua, Belrinnes, Belses, Belston, Belton, Beltonford, Beltrees, Belty, Belwood, Bemersyde
  • Page 141
    Ben A'an, Ben-a-Bhragie, Ben-a-Bhuiridh, Benabourd, Ben-a-Chaisteil, Ben Achallader, Benachally, Benachaolis, Benachie, Ben-a-Chleibh, Ben a' Choin, Ben-a-Chroin, Ben Aigan, Ben Alder or Ben Auler, Ben Alisky, Benalligin, Benan, Ben-an-Armuinn, Ben-an-Lochain, Benanoir, Ben-an-Tuire, Benarmin, Ben Arthur or The Cobbler, Benarty, Ben Attow, Ben Auler, Benaveallich, Benavere or Beinn-a-Bheithir, Ben Avon, Ben Ban, Benbecula
  • Page 142
    Benbeoch, Ben Bheog, Ben Bheula, Benbhraggie, Benblath, Benboard, Benbrack, Ben Breac, Benbreck, Benbui, Ben Buy, Ben Caileach, Bencairn or Bengairn, Benchait, Benchaorach, Benchacrach, Ben Chapull, Benchill, Benchinnan, Benchochail or Beinn a' Chochuill, Ben Chonzie, Ben Clachan, Bencleuch, Benclibrick or Beinn Cleith-bric, Bencoinachan or Benchorach, Ben Creachan, Bencroghan, Ben Cruachan
  • Page 143
    Ben Damhain, Bendeanavaig, Ben Dearg or Dearig, Ben Dearg, Ben-derg-veg and Ben-derg-vore, Bendhu or Bendubh, Bendochy, Ben Donich, Ben Doran or Doireann, Bendubh, Ben Ducteach, Beneaddan or Ben Yadain, Beneagen, Ben Eay, Ben Eich, Benein or Am Binnein, Ben Eoin, Benevachart
  • Page 144
    Beneveian, Ben Fhada, Benfile, Ben Fin, Ben Freiceadain, Bengaillan, Bengairn, Bengall, Bengharbhlagain, Ben Ghulbhlagain, Benglass, Benglo, Bengnuis, Ben Goleach, Ben Griam Bheag and Ben Griam Mhor, Ben Gualann, Ben Gulabin, Bengullion, Benhar, Benhee, Benheinish, Benhiand, Benhiel, Benholm
  • Page 145
    Benhonzie, Ben Hope, Ben Horn or Beinn nan Corn, Ben Hutig, Ben Ime, Ben Inivaig, Beninturk, Ben Killilan, Benkitlan or Ben Ceitlein, Benklibrick, Ben Lair or Larig, Ben Laoghal, Benlaoigh, Ben Lawers, Ben Lea, Ben Ledi, Ben Leoid, Benleven, Ben Liath Mhor, Ben Liathach, Ben Lochain, Benlochan, Ben Lomond
  • Page 146
    Benloy, Ben Loyal or Ben Laoghal, Ben Luighach, Benlundie, Ben Macdui, Benmagh, Ben Mhanarch, Ben Mheadoin, Ben Mhic-Mhonaidh, Benmholach, Benmore, Benmore-Assynt
  • Page 147
    Benmore-Colgach, Ben Muich Dhui, Bennabourd, Ben-na-Cailleach, Bennachie, Bennamhian, Bennan, Ben-nan-Aighean, Bennarty, Ben Nevis, Bennochie, Ben Nuis, Ben Odhar, Benormin, Ben Pharlagain, Ben Ratha, Ben Reithe, Ben Reoch, Ben Resipol, Ben Rinnes, Ben Ruadh, Ben Ruisg, Ben Scrial, Ben Sguliaird, Benshalag, Bensheasgarnich, Benshianta, Benshith
  • Page 148
    Bensleoch or Bensliabhoch, Bensley, Ben Smeorale, Benspenue, Ben Stack, Ben Staray, Benstomino or Beinn's Tomaine, Benston, Benstrome, Bent, Bentalloch or Bentealluidh, Ben Tarsuinn, Bentealluidh, Ben Tee, Ben Tharsuinn, Ben Tharsuinn, Ben Thutaig, Ben Tigh, Ben Trilleachan, Bents
  • Page 149
    Benvie, Benvigory, Ben Vore, Ben Vorlich, Ben Vrackie, Benvraich, Ben Vriac or Ben Bhreac, Benvue, Benwhat, Ben Wyvis, Ben Yattan or Yadain, Ben-y-Gloe, Ben-y-Hone, Beoch, Beoraig, Beoster, Berboth, Beregonium, Bermess, Bernards St.
  • Page 150
    Bernera, Bernisdale, Berriedale, Berry Head, Berryhill, Berryhillock, Bertha, Bertram-Shotts, Bervie
  • Page 151
    Berve Brow, Berwick, North
  • Page 152
  • Page 155
    Berwickshire Railway, Bethelnie, Bettyhill, Bevelaw, Biblestone, Biddes or Bidhouse Burn, Biel, Bigga, Biggar
  • Page 156
    Biggar, The, Bilbster, Billikellet or Balleykellet, Billy, Billyness, Bilsdean
  • Page 157
    Bimar, Bin, Binarty, Binchinnan, Binend, Bin Hill of Cullen, Binn, Binnaness, Binnend, Binnie East and West, Binniehill, Binning, Binns, Binram's Cross, Binscarth, Birdstone, Birgham or Brigham, Birkenshaw, Birkenside, Birkhall
  • Page 158
    Birkhill, Birkhill Feus, Birkhillside, Birkwood, Birleyhill, Birnam, Birness, Birnie, Birns, Birrens, Birrenswark, Birsay and Harray
  • Page 159
    Birse, Birsley, Birthwood, Bishopbriggs
  • Page 160
    Bishopmill, Bishop's Burn, Bishop's Forrest, Bishop's Hill, Bishop's Loch, Bishop's Seat, Bishopton, Bixter, Blabhein or Blaven, Blackadder, Blackbraes, Blackburn, Black Burn, Black Cairn
  • Page 161
    Black Cart, Blackcastle, Black Cave, Blackchester, Black Cove, Blackcraig, Black Dee, Black Devon, Black Dikes, Blackerstone, Black Esk, Blacket House, Blackford
  • Page 162
    Blackhall, Blackhill, Black Hill, Blackhills, Blackhope, Blackhouse, Black Isle, Black-knowe, Black-knowe-head, Black Lakes, Blacklarg, Blacklaw
  • Page 163
    Blacklaw, Blacklaw or Mount Cameron, Black Loch, Black Loch Little, Black Lochs, Blacklunans, Blackmillbay, Blackmire, Black Mount, Blackmount, Blackness, Blackpots, Black Quarter, Blackridge, Blacksboat, Blackshaw, Blackshiels
  • Page 164
    Blackshope, Blackside, Blacksmill, Black Spout, Black Springs, Blackstone, Black Stone of Odin, Blackstoun, Blackwater, Blackwater or Rasay, Blackwood, Black Wood, Bladenoch
  • Page 165
    Blaich, Blainslee, Blair, Blairadam, Blair Athole
  • Page 166
    Blairburn, Blair Castle, Blairdaff, Blairdardie, Blair-Drummond, Blairessan, Blairgowrie
  • Page 167
    Blairhall, Blairingone, Blairinroar or Blairinroan, Blairlogie, Blairmains, Blairmore, Blairquhan
  • Page 168
    Blairs, Blairston, Blair Works, Blane or Ballagan, Blanefield, Blanerne, Blane's Chapel, St., Blane Valley Railway, Blantyre
  • Page 169
    Blaven, Bleary's Cross, Bleaton, Blebo, Bleedy Pots, Blelack, Blenerne, Blervie, Blessing, Blind Burn, Blinkbonny, Bloak, Blochairn, Blomel Sound, Bloodhope, Bloody Bay, Bloody Burn, Bloody Faulds, Bloody Fold, Bloody Lands, Bloody Laws, Bloody Nook, Bloomhill, Blue Mull or Blumel, Blythe Bridge, Blythswood
  • Page 170
    Boarhills, Boarlan, Boat Cave, Boath, Boathaven, Boat-of-Bog, Boat-of-Garten, Boat-of-Insh or Kincraig, Bocastle, Bochel. Boddam, Boddin, Bodensbeck Law, Boes' Cave, Bogany, Boghall, Boghead, Boghole, Bogie, Bogmile, Bogmuchals, Bog-of-Gight
  • Page 171
    Bogrie, Bogroy, Bogside, Bogton, Bogton Loch, Bohally, Boharm, Bohunton, Boindie, Boisdale, Bold Burn, Boleskine and Abertarff
  • Page 172
    Bolfracks, Bolshan, Boltachan, Bolton, Bombie, Bona, Bonally Tower
  • Page 173
    Bonar-Bridge, Bonawe, Bonchester, Bonerbo, Bo'ness, Bongate, Bonhard, Bonhill
  • Page 174
    Bonitown, Bonjedward, Bonkle, Bonnet Hill, Bonnington, Bonny, Bonnybank, Bonnybridge, Bonnymuir, Bonnyrigg, Bonnyton, Bonnytoun, Bonshaw Tower, Bony Brae, Bonytown, Boon, Boondreigh
  • Page 175
    Boon-The-Brae, Booshala, Boot-Hill, Boquhan, Bora, Bord, Border Counties Railway, Bordlands, Boreland, Boreland or Bordlands, Boreland Park, Boreray, Borestone, Borgie, Borgue
  • Page 176
    Borland, Borlay or Borralaidh, Borness, Bornish, Borniskittag, Borough Head, Borough Muir, Borrodale, Borrolan, Borrowston, Borrowstoun, Borrowstouness or Bo'ness
  • Page 178
    Borthwick, Borthwickbrae
  • Page 179
    Borthwick-Shiels, Borve, Boston Church, Bothkennar, Bothland, Bothwell
  • Page 180
  • Page 181
    Bound Skerries, Bouness, Bourjo, Bourtie, Bourtree-Bush, Boveray, Bow, Bowbeat, Bowbutts, Bowden
  • Page 182
    Bower, Bowerhope, Bowershall, Bowhill, Bowholm, Bowhouse, Bowland, Bowling or Bowling Bay, Bowman, Bowmont
  • Page 183
    Bowmore, Boykin, Boynag or Bynack, Boyndie, Boyndlie, Boyne, Boyne's Mill, Braal or Brawl
  • Page 184
    Braan, Brabloch, Bracadale, Bracara, Bracholy, Brack, Brackla, Brackland or Bracklin, Bracklaw, Brackletter, Brackley, Bracklin, Brackmuirhill, Brackness, Braco, Bracoden, Bractullo, Bradan, Bradwood, Brae, Brae-Amat, Braegrum, Braehead
  • Page 185
    Braehead, Braeheads, Braelangwell, Braemar, Brae-Moray, Braemore, Braeriach, Braeroddach, Brae-Roy, Braes, Braeside, Braganess, Bragar, Bragrum, Brahan Castle, Braid, Braidwood
  • Page 186
    Brainsford or Bainsford, Braky - Easter and Wester, Bran or Braan, Branault, Brander, Branderburgh, Brandy or Branny, Branksome, Branny, Branteth, Branxholm, Brany, Brassy, Brawl, Breacacha, Breacdearg, Breadalbane
  • Page 187
    Breakachy, Breakish, Breasclet, Brechin
  • Page 189
    Breckness, Breckon, Breakry, Brecon, Breconbeds, Breda, Brediland, Bredisholm, Breich, Brenahegleish or Braigh na h-Eaglaise, Brensiter, Breriach, Bressay, Brewhead, Brewlands, Briarachan, Brichty, Brick-Kiln, Bridekirk, Bride's Burn, Bridesness, Bridgecastle
  • Page 190
    Bridgefoot, Bridgegate, Bridgehouse, Bridgend, Bridgend or Afton-Bridgend, Birdgend or Kendrochad, Bridgend, Hyndford, Old Bridgend, Bridgeness, Bridge of Allan, Bridgeton, Briech, Brigham, Brighton, Brightons, Brighty, Brig o' Tram, Brigton, Brimsness, Brindister, Brindy, Brisbane, Brishneal
  • Page 191
    Bristo, Brittle or Bhreatal, Broad Bay, Broad Chapel, Broadfield, Broadford, Broadhaven, Broadhill, Broad Law, Broadlee, Broadley, Broadmeadows, Broad Mose, Broadsea, Brochel, Brochloch, Brock, Brocklehurst, Brodichan or Brothacan, Brodick
  • Page 192
    Brodie, Brodie's Cairn, Brodiesord, Brogaig, Brogar-Bridge, Broich, Brolum, Bronach, Brony, Broom, Broomfield, Broomhall, Broomhill
  • Page 193
    Broomholm, Brookhouse, Broomieknowe, Broomielaw, Broomknoll, Broomlands, Broomlee, Broomrig, Broomyleas, Brora, Brosdale, Brother, Brotherton, Brothock, Brough, Brough, Brough-Head, Brough Lodge, Broughton, Broughton, Kilbucho and Glenholm
  • Page 194
    Broughty Ferry, Brow, Brown Carrick
  • Page 195
    Brownhead, Brownhills, Browhouses, Brownlee, Brown Loch, Brownside, Broxburn, Broxburn Railway, Broxmouth, Bruachaig, Bruan, Bruar, Brucefield, Brucehaven, Brucehill, Bruce's Acres, Bruce's Castle, Bruch-na-Frea, Brucklay
  • Page 196
    Bruiach, Brunstane, Brunswark, Burnswark or Birrenswark, Brunt, Bruntaburn, Bruntisland, Brunton, Bruntsfield, Bruntwood, Brurie Skerries, Bruxie, Brydekirk, Buachaille, Booshala or Herdsman, Buachaille-Etive, Bualnaluib, Buccleuch, Buchaille, Buchan
  • Page 197
    Buchan, Buchanan, Bullers of Buchan, Buchanhaven, Buchan Ness, Buchanty, Buchany, Bucharin, Bucholie, Bucket, Bridge of Bucket, Buckhaven
  • Page 198
    Buckholmside, Buckie, Buckieburn, Buckie-Den, Buckinch, Buckland, Bucklerhead, Bucklyvie or Buchlyvie, Buckny, Buck of Cabrach, Buddo, Buddon, Bueinch, Buie, Buie or Buidhe, Builg, Buittle
  • Page 199
    Bulcholie, Bulg, Bull, Bullers-Buchan, Bullers of Buchan, Bullionfield, Bullion Well, Bulvicar, Bulwark, Bunachton
  • Page 200
    Bunavoulin, Bunawe, Bunchrew, Bunchrubin, Bundalloch, Buness or Bunness, Bunessan, Bunihigh, Bunker's Hill, Bunkle and Preston, Bunloit, Bunness, Bunroy, Buntoit, Bunzeon, Burdiehouse
  • Page 201
    Burdsyards, Burg, Burgar, Burgee, Burghead, Burgh-Head, Burgie, Burleigh, Burn, Burnbane, Burnbank, Burnbrae, Burnbridge, Burnbutts, Burness, Burnfoot
  • Page 202
    Burnfoot, Burnfoothill, Burnhall, Burnhaven, Burnhead, Burnhouse, Burniestripe, Burnmouth, Burnoch, Burn of Cambus, Burn-Row, Burns, Burnside, Burnswark, Burntisland
  • Page 204
    Burntown, Burnturk, Burnweel, Burnwynd, Burra, Burrafrith, Burraness, Burravoe, Burray, Burrelton, Burrion, Burron, Burrow-Head
  • Page 205
    Burrow-Moor, Burwick, Busby, Bush, Bushyhill, Busta, Bute, Kyles of Bute, Buteland, North Bute
  • Page 206
    Buteshire, Buthland or Bathlin, Butlaw, Buttergask, Butters Church, Butterstone, Butt of Lewis
  • Page 207
    Butturich, Buxburn, Buy, Bynack, Byreburn, Byrecleugh, Byth

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