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Scottish Regiments
Northern Ireland Establishment Scots (T U V)


Thodey, Micheal, Lt. Col. New York Prov Regt.
Tompson (Thompson, Thomson), Alexander, Gentleman, Vol. later Ensign 42nd Regt.
Thompson and Gilespie, Mercahnts of NYC and Albany
Tompson (Thompson), James, Merchants of NYC
Townshend, George, Capt, 22nd Regt.
Townshend, George, Brig Gen
Trpesec, Sieur de. Capt, Regt de Bearn
Turnbull, Alexander, Capt 42nd Regt.
Turner, George, Merchant of Albany, Partner in Benson and Turner
Tute, James, Lt. Indep Co of Rangers
Tyrawley, Lord Col. Coldstream Regt.


Van Allen, John, Capt, Sloop master of Albany
Van Allen, Jane, (Mrs Abraham Lyle)
Van Burgen, Martin Gerretse, Sloop Master
Van Der Heyden, Jacob, Merchant of Albany
Van Dreisen, Henry, of Albany and NYC
Van Dreisen, Peter, of Schenectady
Van Saltsberg, Hendrick, of Albany
Van Schaack, Henry, Postmaster of Albany
Van Schaick, Sybrant Gozen, Mayor of Albany
Van Vaughter, Lucas, Capt. New Jersey Prov Regt
Van Vaughter, Mrs.
Vaughan, John, Capt, 17th Regt.
Von Harbot, M.