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The Story of a Pioneer
By Anna Howard Shaw, D.D., M.D.

With the collaboration of Elizabeth Jordon

To the Women Pioneers of America

They cut a path through tangled underwood
Of old traditions, out to broader ways.
They lived to here their work called brave and good,
But oh! the thorns before the crown of bays.
The world gives lashes to its Pioneers
Until the goal is reached--then deafening cheers.



  1. First Memories

  2. In the wilderness

  3. High-school and college days

  4. The wolf at the door

  5. Shepherd of a divided flock

  6. Cape Cod Memories

  7. The great cause

  8. Drama in the lecture field

  9. "Aunt Susan"

  10. The passing of "Aunt Susan"

  11. The widening suffrage stream

  12. Building a home

  13. President of "The National"

  14. Recent campaigns

  15. Convention Incidents

  16. Council Episodes

  17. Vale!

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