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Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland
Places beginning with D


  • Page 333
    Daan, Daer Water, Daharick, Daiglen, Dailly, Dairsie, Dairsiemuir, Dalarossie
  • Page 334
    Dalavich, Dalbarber, Dalbeattie, Dalbeth, Dalblair, Dalcairnie Linn, Dalcapon, Dalchally, Dalchonzie, Dalchosnie, Dalcreichard, Dalcross, Dalcruive or Dalcrue, Daldawn or Dildawn, Dalduff, Dale, Dalgain, Dalgarno, Dalgarnock, Dalgarven, Dalgenross, Dalgety or Delgaty, Dalgety
  • Page 335
    Dalginch, Dalginross, Dalguise, Dalhalvaig, Dalharrold, Dalhonzie, Dalhousie Castle, Dalintober
  • Page 336
    Daljarroch, Dalkairnie Linn, Dalkeith
  • Page 338
    Dallachy, Dallas, Dallintober, Dalmahoy, Dalmally, Dalmarnock, Dalmary, Dalmelling, Dalmellington
  • Page 339
    Dalmennoch, Dalmeny
  • Page 340
    Dalmigavie, Dalmonach, Dalmore, Dalmuir, Dalmulin or Dalmelling, Dalnaspidal, Dalnavert, Dalness, Dalnotter House, Dalpersie or Terpersie, Dalquharran Castle, Dalquhurn, Dalree, Dalreoch, Dalrigh, Dalruadhain, Dalry
  • Page 342
    Dalry, Dalry Dalrigh or Dalree, Dalrymple, Dalserf
  • Page 343
    Dalsetter, Dalsholm or Dawsholm, Dalskaith, Dalswinton, Dalton, Daltonhook, Dalvaddy, Dalveen, Dalvey, Dalvey House, Dalvourn, Dalwhat Water, Dalwhinnie, Dalwick, Dalyell Lodge, Dalziel
  • Page 344
    Damff, Damhead, Damph or Loch an Daimh, Dams, Damsay, Damsburn, Damside, Damyat, Dandaleith, Dane's Dyke, Daneshalt or Dunshelt, Danevale Park, Dankeith, Danna, Danskine, Dara, Dara Den, Dardar, Dargavel, Dargie, Dark Mile, Darleith, Darlingshaugh, Darlington, Darmead Linn, Darnaway Castle, Darnconner, Darngaber, Darnhall, Darnick
  • Page 345
    Darnley, Darnow, Darnwick, Darra, Darrach, Daruel, Darvel or Derval, Dava, Davarr or Devar, Daven, St. Davids, Davidson's Mains or Muttonhole, Davington, Daviot, Daviot and Dunlichity
  • Page 346
    Davo, Davoch, Dawan, Dawick House, Dawsholm, Dead Burn, Deadman's Gill, Deadman's Holm, Deadriggs, Dead Water, Dean, Deanburnhaugh, Dean Park, Deanston, Dean Water, Deathack or Amhuinn Deabhacdh, Dechmont, Dechmont House
  • Page 347
  • Page 348
    Dee, Bridge of Dee, Deechoid or Deadh Choimhead, Deer, Deer or South Ugie Water, Deer-Dike, Deer-Law, Deerness, New Deer
  • Page 349
    Old Deer
  • Page 350
    Savoch of Deer, Deershaw, Deer Sound, Deeside, Deil's Beef-Tub, Deil's Cauldron, Feil's or Picts' Dyke, Deil's Dyke, Deil's Mill, Delfour, Delgaty Castle, Delnadamph, Delney, Delnies, Deloraine, Delting
  • Page 351
    Delvine, Demyat, Den, Denbrae, Denburn, Den Fenella, Denfind, Denhead, Denhead and Denmill, Denhead of Auchmacoy, Denholm, Denino, Denmill, Denmiln Castle, Dennissness, Dennistoun, Dennistown, Denny
  • Page 352
    Dennybridge, Dennyfern, Denny-Loanhead, Dennystown, Denoon, Denovan, Denside, Derclach, Derculich, Dergan, Dernaglar, Dernconner, Dernock, Derry or Loch an Dithreibh, Derry, Dervaig, Derval, Deskford, Deskford or Cullen Burn
  • Page 353
    Deskry, Dess, Deuchar, Deugh, Devar, Deveron or Doveran, Devil's Cauldron, Devil's Cowe, Devil's Dike, Devil's Mill, Devil's Staircase, Devol's Glen, Devon
  • Page 354
    Black Devon or South Devon, Crook of Devon, Devon Iron-works, Devonshaw, Devonside, Devon Valley Railway, Dewar, Dewarton, Dews, Dheirrig or Eilean Dearg, Dhivach, Dhruim, Dhu, Dhu or Dubh Loch, Dhuheartach
  • Page 355
    Dhuisk or Dusk, Dibaig, Dichmont, Dichty or Dighty Water, Digmore, Dildawn, Dillarburn, Dilty, Dingwall
  • Page 356
    Dingwall and Skye Railway, Dingy's How, Dinlabyre, Dinmurchie, Dinnet, Dinwoodie, Dionard, Dippen, Dippin
  • Page 357
    Dipple, Dipool Water, Dirie or Dirrie More, Dirleton, Dirlot Castle, Dirrie, Great and Little Dirrington, Loch Diru, Disblair, Distinkhorn, Ditch Hall, Divach, Divie
  • Page 358
    Dobson's Well, Dochart, Dochfour, Dochgarroch, Dodburn, Dod Hill, Dods-Corse Stone, Dodside, Doecleugh, Dogden, Isle of Dogs, Dog's Stone, Dogton, Doine, Doll
  • Page 359
    Dollar, Dollar Law, Dollars, Dollas, Dollerie, Dolls, Dolphingston, Dolphinton
  • Page 360
    Dolphiston, Don, Donald's Cleuch, Donan, Donan Castle, Donavourd, Bridge of Don, Donibristle, Donibristle Colliery, Doon
  • Page 361
    Doon, Doon Hill, Doonholm, Doonside, Dorary, Dorback Burn, Dorbock, Doreholm, Dores
  • Page 362
    Dormont, Dornadilla, Dornal, Dornie, Dornoch
  • Page 363
    Firth of Dornoch, Dornock, Dorral, Dorrington, Dorrory, Dorusmore, Dosk, Double-Dykes, Double-Hill, Douchfour, Dougalston
  • Page 364
    Douglas, Douglas Castle
  • Page 367
    Douglasdale, Douglas-Mill, Douglas-Park, Douglastown, Douglas Water, Doulas or Dulaich
  • Page 368
    Doule, Douloch or Dubh Loch, Doune or Dun of Creich, Doune, Doune or Down Law, Doune Castle, Doune Lodge, Dounies, Dounreay
  • Page 369
    Dour, Doura, Dourie, Dovan, Dovecothall, Dovecotwood, Doveran, Dovesland, Dow, Dowal, Dowally, Dowalton Loch, Dowie Dens, Dowloch, Down, Downan, Downans, Downess, Downfield, Downie Park, Downies, Downreay, Draffan Castle, Dragon-Hole, Drainie
  • Page 370
    Drakemyre, Dreambeg, Dreel, Dreghorn, Dreghorn Castle, Drem, Drhuim, Drimachtor, Drimadoon, Drimarbane, Drimdrissaig, Driminish, Drimmashie, Drimmie, Drimmieburn, Drimnin
  • Page 371
    Drimree, Drimsynie, Drimyeonbeg, Drochil Castle, Droma, Dromore, Dron, Dronach, Drongan, Drongs, Dronley, Dronochy, Dropping Cave, Druidhm, Druidibeg, Druids' Bridge, Druids' Hill, Druie, Druim, Drum, Drumachargan, Drumadoon, Drumalban, Drumbaig, Drumbeg, Drumblade
  • Page 372
    Drumblair, Drumburn, Drumcarrow, Drum Castle, Drumcharry, Drumclog, Drumcoltran, Drumderfit, Drumderg, Drumellie or Marlee Loch, Drumelzier, Drumgeith, Drumgelloch
  • Page 373
    Drumglow, Drumgray, Drumin, Druminnor House, Drumkilbo, Drumlamford, Drumlanrig Castle, Drumlean, Drumlemble, Drumlithie, Drummachloy - Glemore or Ettrick Burn, Drummellan, Drummellie, Drummelzier
  • Page 374
    Drummidoon, Drummilling, Drummin, Drummochy, Drummond Castle, Drummore
  • Page 375
    Drummossie Muir, Drummuir, Drumnadrochit, Drumnetermont or Drummietermon, Drumnamurg, Drumoak, Drumochter, Drumochy, Drumore, Drumpellier, Drumrack, Drumry, Drumsargard or Drumsharg, Drumsharg, Drumshoreland, Drumsleet, Drumsturdy, Drumtochty Castle, Drumvaich, Drunkie
  • Page 376
    Drybridge, Dryburgh Abbey
  • Page 377
    Dry Burn, Dryfe
  • Page 378
    Dryfe Sands, Dryfesdale, Drygate, Drygrange, Dryhope, Drymen
  • Page 379
    Drynie, Drynoch, Drysdale, Duag, Dualt, Duard or Rudha Dubh Ard, Duart, Dubbieside or Innerleven, Dubbs Cauldron, Dubbs Water, Dubcapon or Dalcapon, Dubford, Dubh Loch, Dublin Row, Dubston, Dubton
  • Page 380
    Duchall, Duchal Law, Duchray, Duchray Water, Ducraig, Duddingston
  • Page 381
    Easter Duddingston, Dudhope, Dudwick, Duff House, Duff-Kinnel, Dufftown, Duffus
  • Page 382
    Dugalstone, Dugden, Duich, Duirinish or Durinish, Duirinnis or Duirnish, Duisky, Duke's Bowling-Green, Loch Dulaich, Dulcapon or Dalcapon, Dulcie-Bridge, Dull
  • Page 383
    Dullan Water, Dullatur, Dulnain, Dulnain-Bridge, Dulsie-Bridge
  • Page 384
    Dumbarnie, Dumbarrow, Dumbarton
  • Page 387
    Dumbarton and Helensburgh Railway, Dumbartonshire
  • Page 390
    Dumbartonshire Railway, Dumbreck, Dumbrock, Dumbuck, Dumbuils, Dumcrieff, Dumfin, Dumfries
  • Page 397
    Dumfries House, Dumfriesshire
  • Page 401
    Dumglow, Dumgree, Dumphail, Dun, Dunach, Dunachton, Dunagoil
  • Page 402
    Dunaidh, Dunain or Dunean, Dun Alastair or Mount Alexander, Dunamarie, Dunan, Dunan-Aula, Dunans, Dunaverty, Dunavourd, Dunbar
  • Page 408
  • Page 409
    Dunbarrow, Dunbarton, Dunbeath, Dun-Bhail-an-Righ, Dunblane
  • Page 411
    Dunblane, Doune, and Callander Railway, Dunbog, Dunborerraig, Bridge of Dun, Dunbuck, Dunbuy, Duncanlaw, Duncansbay Head, Duncansburgh, Duncan't Height, Duncan's Hill, Duncharloway, Dunchifie, Duncomb, Duncow, Duncraggan, Duncreich, Duncrevie, Duncrub, Duncryne, Dundaff
  • Page 412
    Dundaff, Dundalav, Dundarave, Dundardil, Dundargue, Dundas Castle, Dun-Daviot, Dundee
  • Page 426
    Dundee and Arbroath Railway, Dundee and Forfar Railway, Dundee and Newtyle Railway, Dundee and Perth Railway, Dundavid, Dundelchack or Dun na Seilcheig
  • Page 427
    Dundonald, Dundonnell, Dundonnie, Dundornadil, Dundreich, Dundrennan
  • Page 428
    Dundaff, Dundurcus, Dundurn, Dundyvan, Dunearn Hill, Duneaton Water, Dunecht, Duneira, Dunemarie, Dunevan, Dunfallandy, Dunfermline
  • Page 433
    Dunfermline and Queensferry Railway, Dunfermline and Stirling Railway, Dunfillan, Dun Fionn, Dungavel, Dungeon, Dunglass
  • Page 434
    Dungyle, Dunhead, Dun-I, Dunian, Dunimarle, Dunino or Denino, Dunipace
  • Page 435
    Duniphall or Dunpkail, Dunkeld
  • Page 437
    Dunkeld and Dowally
  • Page 438
    Dunkeld and Perth Railway, Little Dunkeld, Dunkenny, Dunlappie, Dun Leacainn, Dunliath, Dunlichity, Dunlop
  • Page 439
    Dunloskin, Dunlugas, Dunmacsniochan, Dunmaglass, Dunman, Dunmhieraonaill or Ronaldson's Tower, Dunmoor, Dunmore, Muir of Dun, Dunmyat
  • Page 440
    Dunn, Dun-na-Feulan or Gull Rocks, Dunnagoil, Dunnechtan, Dunnemarie, Dunnet, Dunnichen
  • Page 441
    Dunnideer, Dunnikier, Dunninald House, Dunning, Dunnottar
  • Page 442
    Dunnotar Castle
  • Page 443
    Dunolly, Dunoon
  • Page 445
    Dunpender, Dunragit, Dun-Richnan, Dunrobin Castle
  • Page 446
    Dunrod, Dunrossness, Dunsappie, Dunscaith, Dunscore
  • Page 447
    Dunscriben, Dunscuddeburgh, Duns Dish, Dunse or Down Law, Dunse or Duns
  • Page 448
    Dunshelt, Dunsinane, Dunskeig, Dunskellar, Dunskerry, Dunskey, Dun's Muir, Dunstaffnage
  • Page 449
    Dunsyre, Duntelchaig, Duntiblae, Duntocher
  • Page 450
    Duntreath, Duntroon Castle, Duntrune, Duntulm, Dunure, Dunvegan
  • Page 451
    Dunwan Dam, Dupplin Castle, Dura Den, Durhamtown, Durie, Durine, Durinish, Durisdeer
  • Page 452
    Durn, Durness
  • Page 453
    Durno, Duror, Durran, Durris, Durrisdeer, Dusk, Duthich, Duthil
  • Page 454
    Dwarfie Stone, Dye Water, Dyke
  • Page 455
    Dykehead, Dyrock, Dysart

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