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Art Lessons
by Donna Flood

Begin your Journey

FOR ALL THE CHILDREN,  and, or,  THOSE who are young at heart.  LIFE IS A JOURNEY. To begin any trip one must be prepared with simple tools and rules, EASY and QUICK. This is the outline for you to be able to reach out no farther than your own hand,  holding a pencil to solve your problems. Landscape your lawn, design your shirt, shoes, or cape. Draw highway systems, draw plans for a radical new car to run on water, or draw plans for a solar blanket to cover your house; draw the plans for your house, square, round, cylindrical, or maybe even a pyramid. With angles plot the shortest route on your journey. Speak to the wind and with its vibration capture the song on paper. What color is the wind? If you should cry on your paper the lines will only soften. Make war on an 8x10 inch square and not one will die.

IF you learn art, not as a skill and trade, but as you learn letters, simply a tool, maybe one day you can speak with Michelangelo, Pythagoras, Rembrant, Utrillo, or Van Gogh not with words but with understanding.

Begin your journey


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