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HMAS Stuart

HMAS Stuart HMAS Stuart commissioned into the Royal Australian Navy in 2002 holding a proud and distinguished past with 2 previous ships having the honour of having the name Stuart.  People believe that this name is just another name however Stuart draws her name from a proud and history filled country that is Scotland and clan that is Stuart.  We as members of the ships company ally ourselves very closely to the name Stuart and in fact quite a few of us have strong Scottish backgrounds and bonds.  Hence we take pride serving in Her Majestys Australian Ship Stuart and will continue to keep the name alive.

All we are doing now is training up 3 people from the ship to play the octopus and we are set.  Tradition has it that when Stuart sails into or out of home port, the pipes are to be playing.  We are having to rely on recordings unfortunately - we have the pipes but just no-one to play them! We hope to have them trained enough to belt out a tune by January.  We will keep you posted.



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