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The Scottish Churches' Work Abroad

IN the modern Missionary Movement the Scottish Churches have borne an honourable part. Their contribution has been a very distinctive one, being characterised by a rare combination of evangelical fervour and sound educational methods. Competent observers have declared that, taken all round, Scottish Missions are the finest in the world. Their history, if fully and worthily written, would make a stirring chapter in the national annals.

Yet the Scottish Churches have hardly begun to put forth their strength in this great enterprise, and the ignorance which prevails even in Christian circles regarding the scope and value of the work is little less than scandalous.

If this brief sketch helps in any way to show what good reason Scotland has to be proud of her sons in the Mission Field, and how immensely important their work has been, not only in the sphere of religion but also in the realms of social progress and international goodwill; and if it should stir an impulse in any heart to aid the cause, it will have served its purpose.

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