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The Sea of Galilee Mission of the Free Church of Scotland
Chapter VIII. Memorial Gifts

THE Editors regret that the space at their disposal does not allow them to give a full list of all the donations to the mission, especially as many of the smaller donations are exceptionally interesting. They have had to confine the list to memorial donations to the buildings, and for the up-keel) of the beds and cots in the hospital, and to sums not under 50, or 10 a year. The permanent support of only a small number of the beds and cots has as yet been promised or provided for.

Memorial donations 'niay be devoted to the building or endowment of a mission hospital at Safed, to the support of the medical missionary at Safed or the assistant medical missionary at Tiberias, to the support of the two European nurses at Tiberias, to the building or maintenance of the mission schools, or to the upkeep of a bed or cot in the Tiberias Hospital.

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