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A Voice in the Wilderness
By Duncan Shaw (1995)

The Very Reverend Duncan Shaw, Ph.D., Th.Dr., Dr.h.c, minister of the parish of Craigentinny and formerly of St. Margaret's, Dumbiedykes, both in Edinburgh, stands in the old tradition of a scholary tradition of a scholarly committed professional whose entire life has been spent in areas where the church has always had to stuggle for a relevant place. While widely recognised and honoured as a historian, theologian, administrator and international ecumenical personality his primary concerns have been well educated apposite parish ministry and the reform of the Church of Scotland enabled again to relate vitally to a nation faced with radical changes in every aspect of its life. The contents of this little book reflect this.


At the request of a number of friends, I have selected a few addresses, some previously circulating in typescripts, which encapsulate some of my continuing concerns. They now appear, as delivered, in chronological order.

I must acknowledge that the strength to persevere in the Christian ministry has been rooted in the faithful remnant which appreciates that the church can only remain alive when continually undergoing an inner reformation.

This modest work is published in the hope that those, who share my commitment to the Kirk, will not lose heart and who may yet creatively shape the future of the church in Scotland.

Duncan Shaw
Craigentinny Edinburgh
Pentecost, 1995


To The late General Superintendent D. Dr. Gunter Jacob, who, during forty years, manifested to me, in his conversation, his life, his words and his works, signs of hope.

To The many comrades in the British Army and the rare guerrillas in the church who taught me the salviflcal power of laughter.


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