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Beth's Newfangled Family Tree

Beths Newfangled Family Tree
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Since 1990, in one form and name or another, this publication has been the hometown newspaper of the Scottish community.  In print form, it was mailed to almost 100,000 readers primarily in the USA, but also in Scotland, Canada and all over the world. 

Today, it has evolved into an Internet only publication under the same editor that has worked with it since the beginning.  A little different name, a new format - but the same interesting publication.

Beth's Newfangled Family Tree is filled with articles about things Scottish - from events in the USA to famous Orkadians and inside information on travel.  You'll find articles of interest to genealogists and news of the Scots Clan organizations as well as Flowers of the Forest. 

This publication is one where you can read about the latest goings on of your friends in the Scottish community and the interesting things they are doing, the honors they've won and what's happening in their lives.

Current Issue: April 2015  Section 1  |  Section 2
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