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East Neuk Chronicles
By William Skene (1905)

Prefatory Note

UNDER the title of “East Neuk Chronicles, by an East Ender,” a series of papers dealing with life and character in the East-End of Aberdeen between the years 1840 and 1860 appeared in the Aberdeen Evening Express daring 1896. They were so favourably received that the author was induced to pen a second series of reminiscences, which were published in the Saturday issue of the Evening Express during the year 1908. In. response to the request of many friends and other readers, a collection has now been made of the principal papers in the two series, which it is hoped will prove interesting to the general public as recording phases of life that have long since passed away, and describing “characters" that have vanished from the scene and left no successors.

The papers were originally written with no thought of eventual republication, and with little regard to literary style or elegance, to which, indeed, the author makes no pretensions. They were not conceived on any definite plan, and anything like continuity or sequence was not aimed at. An endeavour has been made in this volume, however, to arrange the matter in chapters and sections.

Aberdeen, March, 1906.

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