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The Past at our Doors or the Old in the New Around Us
By Walter W. Skeat, M.A. With numerous Illustrations. 1911

DEDICATED to the author's father and mother on their golden wedding day, Mr. Skeat's slim little volume pleasantly continues in the second generation Professor Skeat's mingling of studies in history with philological researches. The son is more an archaeologist than the father and less a philologist, but he practises both kinds of research in his series of comprehensive essays on our food, dress and homes, considered chiefly in the light of the names of things. He has the philologist's tendency to draw very remote inferences sometimes (for example, regarding 'haggis'), but his gatherings of little domestic fact on the evolution of dishes, garments and types of houses are generally excellent. Notable instances are his treatment of plough, sickle, coat-tail buttons, the dresser, hall and belfry. The book recalls the late Sir Arthur Mitchell's way of seeing the past in the present, and is an informing popular sketch.


1. The Story of our Food
2. The Story of our Food (continued)
3. The story of our Dress
4. The story of our Dress (continued)
5. The story of our Dress (continued)
6. The Story of our Homes
7. The Story of our Homes (continued)

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