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Bill 190 - Proclamation of Tartan Day in Quebec

Bill 190

An Act to proclaim tartan day

WHEREAS Scottish immigrants first settled in Québec over 400 years ago, making the Scots one of the founding peoples of Québec;

Whereas the Scottish community of Québec has significantly contributed to the economic, social and cultural development of Québec;

Whereas the bond uniting the Scottish community and other communities of Québec is profound and sincere and exemplifies a friendship that can exist between communities;

Whereas the National Assembly encourages all Quebecers to be proud of their cultural heritage;

Whereas 6 April 1320 is the date on which the Declaration of Arbroath establishing the historical independence of Scotland and the rights of the Scottish people to choose their own sovereign was signed;

Whereas that date has a special historical significance for all Scots;

Whereas the tartan is a Scottish symbol recognized world-wide;

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