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Articles by Marie Fraser of Canada
The Girls of Canada

from Canadian Illustrated News 19th Century - reprinted in Celtic Magazine in Scotland

British North America

The girls in the principal cities of Canada are noted as follows:ó

Montreal, the best dressed.
Toronto, the tallest and most stylish.
Quebec, smallest feet; all dumplings and lambs.

Charlottetown, the most truthful.
Halifax, the best complexions.
Saint John, N.B., the prettiest.
St Johnís, Nfld., the most liberal entertainers.

Ottawa, the most intellectual.
Brockville, lady-like and graceful.
Prescott, the most amiable.
Kingston, robust and blooming.

Belleville, the most reckless.
Peterborough, the most unsophisticated, with a weakness for skating.
Cobourg, fond of music, the wharf promenade and flirting.

Port Hope, intellectual and vivacious.
Bowmanville, the most anxious to be married.
London, the most demure.
Sarnia, the most anxious to be loved.

St Catharines, wittiest and most refined.
Hamilton, the best musicians.
Brantford, the most indifferent.

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