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A'll No Be Lang
By Peter D Wright

In Myndin o William (Bill) R MacBride
(19 November 1949 31 Janwar 2006)

Fella Nationalist an Leal Fier

Marilyn, Am juist gaun fir ti see Bill.
Fir ti cut his girss, aiblins hae a coffee,
An a crack anent this an that.
                        All no be lang.           

Marilyn, Am juist gaun fir ti see Bill.
Fir ti pit out his wheeliebin blae or broun,
All mynd whilk ane whan Am owre.
                        All no be lang. 

Marilyn, Am juist gaun fir ti see Bill.
Were awa doun fir a pukkil messages,
A Moreland pie, breid, eggs an siklyke.
                        All no be lang. 

Marilyn, Am juist gaun fir ti see Bill.
Fir ti load his caur wi bows an arras.
Medieval re-enackment tyme aince mair.
                        All no be lang. 

Marilyn, Am juist gaun fir ti see Bill.
Fir ti hae a crack an spik o the warls kinches.
Scotland, Scotland well sort out the morn.
                        All no be lang. 

Efter near-haun fowertie yeir, nae mair,
Fir a licht haes gane out, a guid fier lost.
A skrieve wi mukkil dule, fir nivver agane wull A say,
Marilyn, Am juist gaun fir ti see Bill.
                        All no be lang.

                                             Caunnilmas 2006

Tribute to William (Bill) R MacBride (19 November 1949 31 January 2006)

Another stalwart foot soldier on behalf of the Scottish National party has sadly passed on, William (Bill) Robertson MacBride, Buckhaven, died suddenly at the age of 56, after 40 years activity in promoting the cause of Scottish Independence. Like many his Nationalist certainties grew as the years passed and he longed for the day that the current toy-town assembly was replaced by a real Parliament in our Nations capital. Although handicapped from an early age, and spending many years in hospital, this didnt stop Bill from doing his full share of leafleting and canvassing on behalf of the party and the National cause we hold dear.

He also played a part in the wider community. A fine folksinger, he was inspired by his Art teacher the late, great Scottish folksinger Josh MacRae, and Bill did his bit during the Scottish Folk Revival in the Levenmouth area and at SNP Folk Nights in Glenrothes. His natural hand and eye coordination, allied to great upper body strength and fast hands enabled him to be proficient in various martial arts and a superb archer. In recent years he used his skill and knowledge as an archer in medieval re-enactment events, mainly with Carrick 800, throughout Scotland. He particularly enjoyed commanding the Scottish archers at the Battle of Bannockburn re-enactments held by the National trust for Scotland.

He regularly manned the Scots Independent stall at various events, and was an avid supporter of the annual Alexander III Commemoration and SNP Bannockburn Rally. He will be sadly missed by his family and many friends. Another leal Scot has been taken from us far too early.


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