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Aince Upon a Day
by William Soutar

Click here to listen to this in Real Audio read by Kenzie Wallace (aged 8)

Kenzie Wallace aged 8
Kenzie Wallace aged 8

 Aince upon a day my mither said to me:

Dinna Cleip an’ dinna rype

An’ dinna tell a lee.

For gin ye cliep a craw sall name ye

An’ gin ye rype a daw sall shame ye;

An’ a snail sall heeze its hornies oot

An’ hike them roun’ an’ roun’ aboot

Gin ye tell a lee.


Aince upon a day, as I walkit a’ my lane,

I met a daw, an’ monie a craw,

An’ a snail upon a stane.

Up gaed the daw an’ didna shame me:

Up gaed ilk craw an’ didna name me:

But the wee snail heezed its hornies oot

An’ hik’d them roun’ an’ roun’ aboot

An’ ----------- goggled at me.

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