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Walter Wingate

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'Twas a boonie day - and a day o' dule
The day I plunkit the Sawbath schule !
I wan'ert awa' ayont the knowes,
Where the bluebell blaws and the arnut grows ;
The bee on the thistle, the bird on the tree -
A'thing I saw was blithe - but me.
Weary and wae at last I sank
'Mang the gowan beds on the railway bank -
But never a train cam whistlin' by -
And oh ! but a lanely bairn was I.
And I joukit hame frae tree to tree -
For I kent that I was whaur I sudna be,
When I saw the bad men - the men that play
At cartes and quoits on the Sawbath Day.
But - cunnin' wee cowart - I waitit till
It was time to skail frae the Sawbath schule ;
Naebody kent - but I kent mysel' -
And I gaed to my bed in the fear o' hell.
Conscience, thou Justice cauld and stern,
Aften thy sairest word I earn :
But this is a thing I'll ne'er forgie -
It wisna fair wi' a bairn like me.

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