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The Curse o Scotland
by Kenneth C Fraser

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"Haud fast thegither - evermair haud fast
An pairt nae hame o fredom frae anither -
Keep gaird upon your bens, sae that wi speed
The patriot band wi ither bands can gaither -
Unite - unite - unite- "

                                  Schiller :  William Tell

"Unite!" the patriot cried : an sae they did.
But they were Swiss, no Scots, an haund in haund
They'd stap the strife o pairties, syne wad staund
As ane tae struggle fur the ntion's guid.

Time efter time, Scots history can tell,
Against the fae we widnae haud thegither :
Ay, e'en oor kirkmen focht wi ane anither
Tae pruive wha kent the truest wey tae Hell.

An nou it's juist the same : we'll aa defend
Oor pairty tae the daith. We ken that aye
Ilk ane wants fredom - but in his ain wey -
An this is hou auld Scotland's tale will end.

While, luikan doun on ilk heich-mindit fule,
The compromsan English smile an rule.

Note : This poem was first published in 'Scots Glasnost', under the auspices of the Scots Independent, in August 1992.


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