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Ellen C Nicholson

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" Feetikins, feetikins, when will they gang ? "
Hear ye the burden o' grannie's auld sang,
Crooned to the bairnie that lauchs on her knee ;
Feetikins, feetikins, bide ye a wee.
Bonnie wee feetikins, dinna be rash !
Toddlin' means trouble, an' trial, an' fash ;
Feetikins, feetikins, dancin' in glee,
Bide while ye may upon auld grannie's knee !
" Feetikins, feetikins, when will they gang "
Doun by the burnie the gowans amang ?
Feetikins, feetikins, eager an' licht,
Dinna gang far oot o' auld grannie's sicht !
" Feetikins, feetikins, when will they gang "
The day has just dawned, but the journey is lang ;
Grannie wad fain hae ye startit in time,
Sae rins the moral o' grannie's auld rhyme.

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