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Somewhere in France
George Abel

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"SOMEWHERE in France" ; it is a' I can get
    Fae the billies that ken o my loon ;
"Somewhere in France" ; gin they'd only tell's far,
    I wid pairt wi' my hinmost half-croon.
"Somewhere in France" he is fechtin' the day :
    He is fechtin' for Britain an' richt,
God wi' his conscience an' nervin' his airm,
    An' wi' hell in his hearin' an' sicht.
"Somewhere in France" he is thinkin' o' hame,
    Fin the bullets an' shalls lat him be,
Dreamin' o' Scotlan', an' seein' the glen,
    An' the hamestead, his fader, an' me.
"Somewhere in France" I am dootin' he'll fa',
    For the oolet's been hootin' owre near,
An' siccan a dream on Monanday laist !
    It waukent me sweatin' wi' fear.
"Somewhere in France" I may seen hae a grave -
    It is a' that I'll get fae the war ;
Mithers o' Scotlan' ! fat mair'll be yours
    Than a grave, an' a greet, an' hert-scar?
"Somewhere in France" : oh, the weary refrain !
    An' it's naething like fat mithers need :
"Somewhere" 's a mock fin we're hung'rin' to ken
    Far oor laddies are, livin' or deid.
"Somewhere in France" : but they winna bleck God,
    For He sees far they've pitten oor loons,
An' He'll bring thegither ilk mither an' son
    Fin the trumpet o' destiny soun's.

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