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The Aul' Gean Tree
George P Dunbar

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Noo chilly win' are blawin' keen
While winter hauds his ain,
An' spreads his robe o' snawy white
On meadow, hill an' plain;
But by the ingle corner
We sit sae cosily,
Where a sonsie log is bleezin'
Fae the auld gean tree.
It grew doon by the kailyaird,
When I wis bit a loon,
An' amang its muckle branches
Aft I spielt an' tummelt doon;
An' the geans were aye far sweeter
Than I've tasted fae sin-syne
An' the memoties o' its blossoms
Roon oor aul' herts twine.
It stood the blasts o' winter
Fae lang ere I wis born,
But like a bride in springtime
Wi' blossoms wad adorn.
An' there the Boldie biggit
An' aft the Robin tee
For a' the birds were trystit
In the aul' gean tree.
But noo, alas it's vanished
Fae the corner o' the yaird
An' its form is torn asunder
An' the anes who lo'ed hae shared;
Sae when the win's are skirlin'
We sit an' feast oor e'e,
An' toast oor taes sae cosy
At the aul' gean tree.

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