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Hipperty Skipperty

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Hipperty Skipperty,
Sadie McGraw
Wis dressed for the Sabbath
Sae trig an' sae braw.
Sadie McGraw was
Sae snod an' sae trig.
Stopped tae play peevers
An' jinkie an' tig.
Hipperty Skipperty,
Fliskmahoy !
Sadie is ivver
A lass for a ploy.
At loupin' the cuddie
An' catchin' a ba'
Sadie is certie
The best o' them a'.
But eh ! she is ramstam.
She loupit ower faur.
She tripped an' she tummelt
An' fell i' the glaur.
Hipperty Skipperty.
Wait till her maw
Sees whit a sicht
Is pair Sadie McGraw.

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