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The Sair Finger
By Walter Wingate
Read by Kenzie Wallace (aged 7 years)

Born at Dalry in Ayrshire, Wingate (1865-1918) worked as a mathematics teacher in Hamilton and published his verse in numerous newspapers.

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Kenzie, Caitlin and Grandad Peter Wright
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You’ve hurt your finger? Puir wee man!

Your pinkie? Deary me!

Noo, juist you haud it that wey till

I get my specs and see!

My, so it is – and there’s the skelf!

Noo, dinna greet nae mair.

See there – my needle’s gotten’t out!

I’m sure that wasna sair?

And noo, to make it hale the morn.

Put on a wee bit saw.

And tie a bonnie hankie roun’t –

Noo, there na – rin awa’!

Your finger sair ana’? Ye rogue.

Ye’re only letting on!

Weel, weel, then – see noo, there ye are.

Row’d up the same as John.

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