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I Never Saw It Better
Walter Wingate

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There's something sair camstairy in the turn things tak'.
It's never but on Sawbath that the spunks rin dune;
'Twas aye when I taiglet that my shae-lace brak;
The coalman never draps his price till our cairt's in.
I couldna cowp my cup but on a split new gown;
I never saw it better - it's the way a' roun!
My oven never fails me but when in steps Sal -
I ken what she is thinkin' though she aye keeps mim;
Miss Clipper never ca's but when my room's reel-rall,
And never bides for tea but when the bread-crock's toom.
Our invitations come in threes - sae that baurs twa;
I never saw it better - it's the wey owre a'!
When Peter's busy balancin' it's keen, clear frost:
When he looks out his curlin' stanes, the thow blaws grey;
If I put aff my washin' it's a gran' win' lost;
But if we plan an outin' it's a dreep a' day.
The week before and afterhin' the sky bides blue -
I never saw it better - it's the wey a' through!
It maun be when my curtains hae been new washed white,
The sweep mistak's and plumps his sooper down oor lum;
There's naething seems to rule the worl' but just fair spite;
It's when we're pack't for Ro'sey and the cab maist come,
Wee Jean maun tak' her measles - and it's aff we canna get her;
That simmer, ye may guess, was fine - I never saw it better!

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