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by W D Cocker
Read by Peter D Wright

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Yestreen as I gaed ower the brae
I spied the shepherd, auld and gray;
He held a yowe atween his knees,
Sair fashed puir thing, wi' maggot-flees,
I daunered ower to hae a crack.
He doctored weel the beastie's back,
Then said: "A smittle thing the mawk,
Yae flee contaminates a flock".

"Contaminates!" And in a blink
My thochts back forty years did jink.
Again a boy, a' blushes ower,
I face the dominie's fell glower.
As ower some kittle verb I pause;
Frae coat-tail pooch he whisks the tawse:
"Yaw gowk contaminates the schule;
Haud oot yer haun', ye feckless fule!"

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