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 Three Pairlaments
Kenneth C Fraser

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The Auld Pairlament Hoose

Here Embro’s advocates compete ti shaw
The deiference atween Juistice an the Law.
Amang the busts o lang-deid Lords o Session,
They’ll pruive ill-daers free o aw transgression;
Whaur aince oor leaders swyed the nation’s fate,
Whuther or no we’d stey a sovereign state.
Some did their best tae ser the common guid,
An some, for siller, did as they were bid.
Then Fletcher focht in vain on freedom’s side,
Yet aw his tulyies coudnae turn the tide;
For sleekit statesmen then cam oot on tap
Wha thocht that Scotland’s history soud stap,
But nou we ken, although it’s been gey lang,
Thon wasnae juist “the en o an auld sang”.  

The Temporar Pairlament Hoose

Here meenisters delore the Kirk’s decline
While faur awa their congregations dwine.
Whit yiss are aw their words o guid intent
Gin ti thir words the nation taks nae tent?
But in that ha, whaur elders wad assemble,
We noo see politeicans dissemble.
The memmers, tho they may debate for oors,
Cannae forget their want o muckle pooers.
The heid pynt, ilka pairty wad agree,
Is this ane: “Dae A luik guid on TV?” –
The Sovereign People turn their heids awa,
An, gien the chice, wad raither watch fitba.
Sune, whan the Scottish Meenisters are gane,
Kirk meenisters will hae their ha agane.

The New Pairlament Hoose

Here, no lang syne, a brewery aince stude
Forenent the Palace o the Haly Rude.
Its graun successor, risin flair bi flair,
Is aye a brewery – ti brew het air;
Aneath a plaistic sheet the biggin’s lost:
It hides the was, but cannae hide the cost.
This ferlie’s fit ti vex oor Hielan sneers –
A fell bleck hole whaur siller disappears.
For this mishanter creitics arenae blate
Ti blame the umwhile Secretar o State;
We mauna wyte the deid for aw oor ills,
Yet wha can get a ghaist ti pey the bills?
Tho a guid price wad gie us some remeid,
Guid laws, made here, wad better ser oor need.

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