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As I went out through Dublin City
At the hour of twelve o'clock at night
Who should I spy but a Spanish lady
Washing her feet by candlelight
First she washed and then she dried them
Over a fire of ambry coals
In all my life I never did see
A maid so sweet about the soles
Whack fol a too ra loo ra laddy
Whack fol a too ra loo ra lay
Whack fol a too ra loo ra laddy
Whack fol a too ra loo ra lay

2. I stopped to look but the watchman passing
Said, "Young fellow, the night is late.
"Along with you home or I will wrestle you
"Straight away through the Bridewell gate."
I threw a look to the Spanish lady
Hot as the fire of ambry coals
In all my life I never did see
A maid so sweet about the soles.

3. As I walked back through Dublin City
As the dawn of day was over
Who should I spy but the Spanish lady
When I was weary and footsore
She had a heart so filled with loving
And her love she longed to share
In all my life I never did see
A made who had so much to spare

4. Now she's no mot for a puddle swaddy
With her ivory comb and her mantle so fine
But she'd make a wife for the Provost Marshall
Drunk on brandy and claret wine
I got a look from the Spanish lady
Hot as a fire of ambry coals
In all my life I never did meet
A maid so sweet about the soles

5. I've wondered north and I've wondered south
By stoney Batter and Patrick's Close
Up and around by the Gloucester Diamond
And back by Napper Tandy's house
Old age has laid her hands on me
Cold as a fire of ashy coals
But where is the lonely Spanish lady
Neat and sweet about the soles?

6. As I was leaving Dublin City
On that morning, sad of heart
Lonely was I for the Spanish lady
Now the forever we must part
But still I always will remember
All the hours we did enjoy
But then she left me sad at parting
Gone forever was my joy

Footnote: I first heard this beautiful song sung by the Irish actress Mona Tenanty. 

The song is of a young man on the spree in Dublin who becomes enamoured with a 'Spanish Lady', probably a euphemism for a lady of doubtful character, but as unable to consummate his desires.  The meeting is of such consequence that he remembers her for the rest of his life.  Even in old-age, our hero wonders where she might be.

James 'Napper Tandy' was one of the founders of the revolutionary group known as the United Irishmen.  It was their movement that led to the 1798 rising.  Tandy had fled Ireland to avoid arrest in 1793 and travelled to France.  He returned to Ireland in 1798 at the head of a small force of French soldiers but the rising had run its course by then.  He died in 1803.



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