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The Globe Readers
Book 5

The Globe Readers. Book V. Compiled and Edited by Alexander F. Murison, Sometime English Master at Aberdeen Grammar School (1884)


IN Book V. the lessons illustrate a considerable variety of good literary expression, both in prose and in verse. The matter is more miscellaneous than in the preceding books. The main expectation is to cultivate the observation of natural objects, and the feeling for Nature in diversified forms. There are passages descriptive of varied scenery, character, and conditions of life. The few lessons of a scientific cast are chiefly readings in Physical Geography and Geology. Two or three simple lessons deal with important points in Political Economy. Two or three others record important historical events. And the feelings are touched to emulation as well as to sympathy.

Spelling lists, explanatory notes, derivations, hints for exercises, &c., are still continued.


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