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Electric Scotland's Personal Email Application

What It Is:  An email address is very simply an email address that you pay US$10 per year for and you use it just as you would any other email address as long as it does not violate our TOS. You get POP3, SMTP and Web access to your account at this time as well as access to a calendar system.

Terms Of Service
Please read this before deciding to sign up and only sign up if you agree to abide by these guidelines as you will be bound by them after you join. They are really just a lot of common sense!

1)  We do NOT tolerate Spammers.  If we receive reports of Spam from any ES email address then access to that address will be immediately suspended and we will research where Spam has originated.  If we find Spam has been originating from that address then we will terminate the account immediately with no questions asked.

2)  We do not tolerate Pedophiles (otherwise known as Kiddie Porn).  If this activity is reported on any account then we will deny access and perform research.  If we find that the report was valid then we will terminate that account and provide information to the appropriate agencies for further research.

3)  User Privacy is just that.  We monitor our logs for weird activity, and if we see any then we dig into it.  If your account is the result of that activity then we will send an email to you questioning why. Provide a reasonable explanation and the issue is resolved.

4)  We are NOT responsible for emails you receive if they do not generate within our system.  We do EVERYTHING we can to control Spam/unwanted email, but that is a neverending battle that we still do not have control of :-(.

That is pretty well it as far as out TOS.  We expect that all of you who purchase an account here are doing so for whatever personal reason you have and it is none of our business why. We do everything within our power to ensure that your privacy is kept (notwithstanding some idiot serving a Federal Court Order on us).  If you are still interested in an email account then please click on the button below.

Note: We use PayPal to handle our subscriptions and once you have completed the payment process you'll be send to a page where you can email us with your username, name and password so we can create your account. The subscription payment is annual at US$10.00 per year. Should you have any problem or queries then E-Mail Alastair McIntyre

You may also cancel your subscription at any time by clicking on the button below but do note that we don't refund part annual subscriptions so this will only stop us billing you for your next annual payment. Likewise if PayPal is unable to receive a payment for your annual renewal they will try three times but if still not able to receive payment then your account will be deleted as we'll assume you simply don't wish to renew your account.


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