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Children's Books

Gracias, The Thanksgiving TurkeyGracias, The Thanksgiving Turkey
This book gives new meaning to the phrase, "Let's have a turkey for Thanksgiving".  The story is so sweet and the illustrations are deliciously bright! 

One Little, Two Little, Three Little PilgrimsOne Little, Two Little, Three Little Pilgrims
In this book we have the newest and more respectful version of the song "ONE LITTLE, TWO LITTLE, THREE LITTLE INDIANS".  Readers will see new vocabulary like 'Wampanoag', 'cod', and 'barley'.  Try singing the words for even more fun!

Baby RattlesnakeBaby Rattlesnake
According to the back of the book, this story comes from a 92 year-old Native American storyteller, Te Ata.  Children of all ages will relate to this tale of wanting something before you're old enough to take care of it.  The story and the 'teller' are treasures!

Thank You, Sarah!Thank You, Sarah!
This is our most recently acquired Thanksgiving title in the Children's Library.  It is truly a story for everyone.  As you read the words, you will find out lots of history behind the holiday.  As you look at the illustrations, you'll see some of today's ideas concerning the celebration...what a combination!

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