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Bernice "Bern" Forrester of Summerfield

Bernice "Bern" Forrester of Summerfield

Bernice "Bern" Forrester of Summerfield, Florida, creating beauty from slivers and bits of art glass. In their 80s now, Bernice "Bern" and Ed Forrester from Summerfield, Florida are a team of stained glass artists who create wondrous things.  Ed says he is the technician - cutting and grinding the thousands of pieces of glass it takes to do the intricate designs the Forrester's are known for.  Bern selects the colors and does the foil work and the soldering.  They use "art" glass instead of plain stained glass because the art glass, although much more expensive, has a third dimension which makes the stained glass articles "glow" when lit.  These talented Scots do this intricate work as a hobby only and for the love of the art. If there are others who love doing stained glass and would like to correspond with Ed and Bernice Forrester, you may contact them at: 10555 SE 154th Lane, Summerfield, FL 32691. 

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