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A Highlander and his Books
Rebel King - Book 3 - Bannockburn

By Charles Randolph Bruce and Carolyn Hale Bruce

Reviewed by Frank R. Shaw, FSA Scot, Atlanta, GA email:

Splendid! Wonderful!! Electrifying!!! Like the old saying, I believe good things come in threes! Book Three of REBEL KING is a continuation of the life and battles of Robert the Bruce. A lesser man would not have persevered. I even think of this great man while engaged in light moments of tug of war with my grandchildren, Ian and Stirling, and I tell them, “Never, ever give up!” and they repeat back to me, “Never, ever give up!” and, like Bruce, they don’t!

I have heard some in Scotland refer to certain people who endure amazing hardships as “having the heart of Bruce”. While visiting with John Shaw of Tordarroch, Chief of Clan Shaw, on the Black Isle a few years ago, he used that phrase to describe a man who had been down on his luck for many years but kept on until he had overcome his personal demons. When you read REBEL KING, Book Three, Bannok Burn, you will know what he means. Robert the Bruce can be compared to Job in the Old Testament regarding his many adversities.

The battle scene is a thriller. You know the outcome, whether you are a student of Scotland’s history or listened to others talk about him. However, once you begin to read the book, you will read it eagerly and find yourself caught up in the battle as if you were on horseback with de Brus. You will experience, as I did, some of the best dialogue between the undermanned heroes, as well as that between the hated villains.

In my opinion, REBEL KING, Book Three is the best of the three volumes from this talented couple. While the first two books are real page turners in their own right, you are in for a great treat with this one. Over the years, there has been much speculation that the books will be made into a movie. I certainly hope so because it will be one I put on my schedule, and since I do not normally go to movies, that should tell you something!

Longer than the first two, this book totals 528 pages. The three books now exceed a half million words regarding the life of de Brus. July 1, 2006 is the date of publication. You will be interested to know that if you order from their website,, you will receive free shipping and may request an autographed copy. Bookstores may order from Ingram and Baker & Taylor (800-247-6553). You can also order from or your local bookstore using ISBN 0-9721674-7-1 (paperback at $19.95), and ISBN 0-9721674-6-2 (hardback for $29.95).

[FRS: 6/29/06]

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