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Robert Burns Lives!
By Frank R. Shaw, FSA Scot Email:

  • Chapter 29
    My Favorite Burns Poem
  • Chapter 30
    A Place to come to
  • Chapter 31
    Burns Nicht Bits, Tidbits, and Fragments
  • Chapter 32
    Robert Burns and James Hogg
  • Chapter 33
    Hunters’ Illustrated History of the Family, Friends and Contemporaries of Robert Burns
  • Chapter 34
    An article by Professor David Purdie, "What Burns means to me".
  • Chapter 35
    An article by Dr. Carruthers, "What Burns means to me".
  • Chapter 36
    An article by Billy Kay - "What Burns means to me".
  • Chapter 37
    An article by Eddi Reader - "What Burns means to me".
  • Chapter 38
    An article by
    Dr. Kenneth Simpson - "What Burns means to me".
  • Chapter 39
    "Inspiration on Inauguration Day" by Clark McGinn
    (with reflections on Lincoln, Jefferson, and Washington)
  • Chapter 40
    Alex Salmond Speaks at Burns Symposium in Washington, D.C.
  • Chapter 41
    G. Ross Roy Collection of Robert Burns
  • Chapter 42
    An article by G. Ross Roy - "What Burns means to me".
  • Chapter 43
    An article by Patrick Scott - "The Immortal Memory".
  • Chapter 44
    Sunday Post articles on Robert Burns.
  • Chapter 45
    The Bard - Robert Burns, a biography.
  • Chapter 46
    The Bard. A Review of the book by
    Professor Gerard Carruthers.
  • Chapter 47
    Address to the Burns Club of Atlanta by Bill Dawson
  • Chapter 48
    Chat with Robert Crawford author of "The Bard".
  • Chapter 49
    Ae Fond Kiss, A Speech by Dr. James W. Flannery
  • Chapter 50
    Starkey Staring Mad by Clark McGinn
  • Chapter 51
    "Fickle Man", Robert Burns in the 21st Century
  • Chapter 52
    Robert Burns in England
    by Chris J. Rollie
  • Chapter 53
    Phrenology of Burns By Megan Coyer
  • Chapter 54
    Address to Robert Burns given by Clark McGinn at Westminster Abbey
  • Chapter 55
    Robert Burns and Slavery by Gerard Carruthers
  • Chapter 56
    Archibald Skirving and his Drawing of Robert Burns by Robert Carnie
  • Chapter 57
    'Law and Order' in 18th C. Edinburgh, The Case of Miss Burns V the Baillie by Robert Carnie
  • Chapter 58
    A Speech by Robert Carnie
  • Chapter 59
    Robert Burns - Writer of Songs

    by Robert H. Carnie

The Life of Robert Burns

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Burns Conference 12th January 2013
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