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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree
The Family Tree - August/September 2005
Death of Dugald MacTavish

Dear Clan Member,

      It is with deepest regret and intense personal loss that I must inform you of the passing of

Edward Stewart Dugald MacTavish
MacTavish of Dunardry
26th Chief of the Clan MacTavish
June 19/20, 2005

He passed away at his home sometime the night of the 19th or early morning of the 20th. He was in his easy chair in front of his big screen TV and apparently had a massive heart attack. He would not have approved of the timing, but he would have approved of the method.

Clan officers are working diligently to take care of a myriad of things, not least of which is to ensure that the Gathering 2005 takes place as scheduled and that all the plans Dunardry had made will be carried out.

We may be slower than normal responding to your emails over the next week or so...please be patient with us.

Please stop one moment and say "good bye" to our Chief, MacTavish of Dunardry.

In kinship,

Mary and Tom Thompson, Donley and Rose Tomey, Larry and Cathy Thompson and all those helping us at this difficult time.

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