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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree
The Family Tree - December/January 2005
Ballintoy Castle

I am seeking information about The Castle which once stood at Harbour Road in Ballintoy Village on North Coast of Antrim Northern Ireland. The Castle was built by Archibald Stewart son of Ninian Stewart of Bute, circa 1590.

The Estate was sold to (Fullerton Downing ?) in 1760 who demolished the Castle 40 years prior to OS 6" map survey by Lt Thomas Colby in 1824 ( recorded in Ordnance Survey Memoirs N Antrim Map ).

The ruins of Ballintoy Castle is situated on a handsome site about ine half mile wes of the village of Ballintoy and about two furlongs south of the sea shore, and contiguous to the parish church. Of this once splendid and extensive building, nothing now remains but 65 feet in length of the ear wall of one of the squares. It varies from 2 to 10 feet high, 2 and a half feet thick, corners of cut free stone and the remainder of whin quarry stone, and bound togetjer by grouted mortar similar to other ancient buildings. Several of the office houses, garden walls, court walls is still extant, but much disfigured by delapidation and sundry alterations. There was a handsome fish pond togetjer with the grounds surrounding it, enclosed by a high stone and lime wall.The castle, towers, courtyards, gardens, yards and other enclosures were very extensive, as may be seen by the ruins now extant, and all walls and parpets of stone and lime and strongly built of best materials. The office houses are changed to dwelling and office houses to accommodate farmers who at present reside on the site and farm the demesne. The castle was pulled down about 40 years ago by the present Proprietor Fullerton Downey Esquire and the timber and other valuble material sold by auction. Informants James Scally and others. 6th April 1838.

1824 6" map shows a collection of large houses with surrounding wall and partially surrounded by a stream.

The last remaining Stewart moved his Acton Estate in Co Armagh after the sale.

There must be some remaining record of the castle possibly left by The Stewarts of Acton.

Hopefully someone will be able to assist.

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