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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree

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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree
The Family Tree - February/March 2003
Postal Heroes

Dear Friends,
As I write this the day before New Year's Eve, I'm still biting my nails about whether there will be enough money to do the next paper.  If you're reading this...everything turned out OK and we were able to make it one more time because of your kindness and your generosity.
I never quite know how to thank you all properly.  Please put yourselves in my place...and imagine how it feels when kind and generous folks all over the place make it possible for us to publish The Family Tree.  It's amazing how wonderful you all are.  I am humbled each and every issue.
Our Super Postage Heroes this time include Mr. Frederick N. Pottle of Berrien Springs, Michigan; Howard and Louise Kerr of Moraga,  California who made a most kind contribution in memory of Robert & Anna Blair; John McRae of Tallahassee, Florida; and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Begam of Phoenix, Arizona.
Our Super-Duper Postage Heroes this time include Lt. Col. Robert D. McLaren (USAF Ret.) of Alexandria, Virginia and my grand friend and traveling buddy, Mr. John D. Pringle of Puyallup, Washington!
Super-Supper-Duper Postage Heroes include this time The Stone Mountain Highland Games of Stone Mountain, Georgia and the Scottish Tartans Society of Alpharetta, Georgia. 
We could not do it without you.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Whew! Your generosity has made The Family Tree possible one more time! Thank you! Thank you!
I was reading something the other day about the dangers of stress. I laughed because I probably have more stress in my work life than the President of the United States...and he has money and power...and I don't have either!
Worrying about whether we'll have enough money to do the next paper is a true hazard of this job. Thankfully, you all have come through for me and for The Family Tree every time since 1990...and once again, with your help, we've done it!
See? Stress won't hurt you! I'm still a'kickin'!
We do appreciate your kind contributions. Every penny you send does go toward the mailing and printing of this paper. Every penny.
If you wish to make a postage contribution, it's very easy. You may send us a check...or, you may go to our Internet site at <http://electricscotland.com> and make a contribution via PayPal - and you may use your credit card if you wish to make a contribution in this way.
If you wish to make a contribution and remain anonymous...just put a note on your check...
Thank you! Our Postage Heroes this time include: Alabama: Walter & R. David, Don Putman, Janie R. Trusty, Jane E. McLeod, H. Gene & Gustava Baird, John Shiver, John P. Norman, C. Lendell Bates, and Martha S. Geyer.
Arizona: Cory Cook, Ruth Johnston, Mr. Winfield R. Scott and Margaret McConnell.
California: Sandra Glantz, Cindy Fahrbach, Karen Y. Poirer-Brode, M.D., Jean L. Blome, Keith Bouldin, Shirley Baran, Thelma Shook, Cherie Swenson, Ms. Christa Burch, Virginia Steele, Mrs. Ruth Ross, Mrs. Ruth Tapper, John Stewart, Randall & Harriett Henely, Lt. Col. Crittenden Bell, Mrs. Garth A. Bricker, Sheree Riggs, Don Erskine, Mrs. Mae Ware, Zanita Marvin, Beatrice Beck, James H. Mabry, Ms. Jo Ann Arneson, Andrew J. Lynch, Virginia Elrod, Dona J. Frosio, R. Kenneth Snodgrass, David L. Perkins, Pipe Major John H. Rosenberger, Mr. John H. Cunningham, and Richard Kilbury.
Colorado: N. J. Gilmore, Floyd Fredrick, Jo Marie McKinnis, Charles Miller, Richard Fritz, Dale F. Baird, Sr. and Major Ronald A McGregor.
Connecticut: J. David Sullivan, Douglas R. Frink, Mrs. William M. Lenhard, and Michael Cook.
Florida: Dr. Charley Scott, Judy Warensford, Dr. & Mrs. W. Dean Steward, Doris Y. Nave, Mr. John A. FitzGerald, A. Parks, Harry A. Sheridan, Douglas Maxwell, Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Miller, Allan F. Keeth, Donald McLeod, Judy Corey, Anthony Dzimitrowicz, Jack C. Rosenau, LTCOL USAF (Ret.), Russell Henderson, Mr. & Mrs. H. N. Lewis, Eunice Freeman, Glen B. Carraway Family, Mr. & Mrs. John M. Goodwin, II, Col. Thornton J. Anderson, Robert J. & Gloria Wyllie, Mr. Michael C. Burns, Fred Lamond, Savannah S. Day, Mr. Frederick W. McKenzie, Ann B. Eggers, Patricia M. White, Patricia Barley, Jean Craig Elmore, Frances Waxman, Mr. Robert B. Veech, Sara Jo Reynolds, Mrs. Harold Hagan, Ron Fraser, Sally Johnston Epler, Seab Johnson, Mr. Joseph N. Clemons and Ms. Margaret Patti.
Georgia: Emily Martin, Amma C. Crum, George & Carmen Stewart, Jeane C. Stone, Robert Allen, James C. Wroton, Jr., Louise C. Herring, Edith M. Owens, Anne Bayne, Mr. Leroy Gardner, Tim Henderson, Scott Morris, Mrs. Beulah Bausch, J. Harvin, Dr. & Mrs. Archie F. McAfee, Jane Newton, William D. & Joan E. Cook, Mr. George R. Slayton, Phyllis Bodenstein, Tony Thompson, Mae Brown, Jean Cole Manker, Edwin L. Garner, Mr. Thomas J. Gunn, Ginny & Bob Douglass, Mr. Al Holmes, Charlotte Chapman, David E. & Lydia Riggs, B. Q. Chitty, Gaynell Highsmith Sasser, Lilla West May, Ms. Holly J. Dixon, Sally Byers, Mr. & Mrs. George E. Thurmond, Jack Lamken, Carl Coleman, Mr. William H. Ford, Hemphill Historical Society, William M. Harris, Lorene Epps, Edgar B. Sterrett, Jr., Joseph T. Nipper, Donald E. Rhodes, Hugh Stringfellow, Dr. Gene M. Kelly, Walter Maule, Ray Hannah, Harvey Cowan, Jeanette Parrott and Dick & Helen Jones.
Illinois: Helen C. Teter, Georgia E. Dent, Ms. Elizabeth Emrick, Mr. & Mrs. Jack Pulizzi, Barbara Peck, Jean W. Sullivan, William R. Rose, Paul Funkhouser, Karen Goodenough, and W. Stier.
Indiana: Pamela D. Coleman, Larry & Mary Nelson, James R. Henderson, Janet Burkhart, Kevin Spencer, Ms. Lois M. Mousty, Ruth McKnight, and John Arvidson.
Iowa: Margaret Foster.
Kentucky: Tim Wallace.
Louisiana: R. D. MacDougall, Ms. Shellie Rewis, Jr., Jane Baker Chaffin, Ms. Virginia Phillips, Ark-La-Tex Genealogical Association, Inc., and Mrs. Evelyn C. Huggins.
Maine: Winslow Durgin, Mr. Carl McCourtney, Howard Wright, and Carol C. Budinger.
Maryland: Kenneth Boyd, Stephen Donald Miller, and Fred Gray.
Massachusetts: Robert Lofgrey and Joseph MacQuade.
Michigan: Clifton & Sarah Thompson, Mary Swantek, Douglas C. Ross, Doris E. Colombatto and Barbara Carver.
Minnesota: Joanne M. Sher, Jon McCollum and Carol Bick Cramer.
Mississippi: Barbara A. Nichols, Mrs. Leslie L. McDowell, Thomas L. Wallis and Alice A. Martin.
Missouri: Thomas Van Vleck, Sue Bailey, Rev. Scott C. Hall, Fern Bianco, Jack Seeler, Gordon Douglas and Mr. Charles B. Barr.
Nebraska: Mr. K. E. Kier and Mary D. Peters.
New Hampshire: Robert E. McLeod, Jr. and Wm. P. Wiekes.
New Jersey: Karen Kennedy, Mildred D. Allan, Dottie Robinson, David Ian Asman, Esq., and James J. Stewart.
New Mexico: D. E. Smith and Olive M. Bell.
New York: Karen Sadovsky, Ms. Claire Haizlip, Ms. Zona E. Navelle, B. J. Northan, F. J. McCullough, John Wilcox and Lee V. Murphy
North Carolina: Rhonda H. Ennis, David Batcheller, John A. McNeill, Sr., E. Allen Crozer, Donna Chrisco, Jewell B. Blankenship, William S. McLean, Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Tinnon, Robert McCloy and Rosemary Maxwell.
Ohio: Sandra A. Stewart, Anna May Schwaderer, S. A. Hill, Charles Cunningan, Jr., H. Ann Montgomery Hill, Kenneth K. Everett, Reed E. Romine, Barbara Rutledge, Ray A. Dray and Thode Translations.
Oklahoma: Chinnubbie McIntosh, James R. Graham, Jr., M. La Nell Shores, J. Roy Helmer, Margaret Farmer, Judith Durbin and A. Roth.
Oregon: George W. Swan, Robert Bailey, Mr. George Murdoch, Ms. Teri Garner, Mildred De Francisco, John Madden and Mrs. Robert Dow.
Pennsylvania: Van Webster, Rev. Susan Shira Nilsen, Marion J. MacDonald Jordon, George Isaacson, Dr. Clark McSparren, Jr., Carol Taylor, James Macdonald, Gordon Blake, Mrs. Clinton Badger, Dorothy E. Holmes, Joseph N. Ewing, Jr. and Ms. Patricia Sexton.
South Carolina: Bertha Fowler, Dorothy T. Glover, Terry L. Alexander, Susan Pearson, Mike & Vicki Stead, Charles Snoddy and Dennis Sanderson.
Tennessee: Robert & Karen Cox, Debra Wilson and Georgiana McConnell.
Texas: Laurel W. Holloway, Ira E. & Virginia Malone, Jim Walter (plus Haggis money!), H. R. Lofton, H. Smith, Helene Harrison, Bobby Joe Fountain, Ms. Marguerite S. Claghorn, Lola Everett Weaver, Julia Riggs, Ms. Rosemary S. McBride, Mrs. Billie D. Hardy, Verna Banes, Elsa Roberts, Effie N. Birdwell, Daniel E. & Patricia A. Dreher, William W. Pollock, B. H. Henderson, Richard & Liz Burgess, Mr.& Mrs. William P. Harrington, Josephine Briggs, Georgeanne Kelsch, Opal Lee Lemons Travelstead and Alice Collier Clark.
Utah: Margaret "Peg" Wylie.
Vermont: Melvin Christie.
Virginia: Evelyn Gordon, James Allen, Betty M. Bailey, Scott MacGregor, Capt. A. L. Watson, Walter Dorrer, Juanita Creighton, Donald Veitch, Denise F. Shaw and Donald Forsyth.
Washington: Michelle Heiderer, Mrs. Ina L. Pryor, Mr. Harry Murdock, Mary Ludvigsen, Lois M. Thomason, Shirley Weber, Donald McKee, McEwan Henderson, Susan Saul, Donna Hetrick, Don Milligan, Frances Forsythe, Jay L. Dugger and Lillian O. Forster.
West Virginia: James W. Henderson.
Wisconsin: Frances J. Hill and Ms. Billie McRae.
Wyoming: Barbara Helwick, George Pilotte and Catherine Pexton.
Scotland: Donald MacDonald.

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