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The Family Tree - Jun/Jul 2002
Family Reunions - Gatherings - Meetings

Family Reunions Gatherings Meetings
by Edith Wagner
, editor of reunions magazine

Reunion season 2002 starts now. About 20 million Americans will enjoy family reunions this summer in many places: backyards, parks, hotels, resorts, ranches and on cruise ships. Not a last minute kind of party, reunions will be the culmination of often years of careful thought and planning. If you are the planner, you are urged to enjoy your reunion. Sometimes it's so easy to get completely wrapped up in the details that after all the time and effort you've expended, you are so busy that you have little time to enjoy your own reunion. Make it a point to enjoy your own reunion this year! You'll be well rewarded.

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For more reunion information, visit Reunions magazine at where you can request a sample of Reunions magazine free. Also see Reunions Workbook and Catalog and The Family Reunion Sourcebook by Edith Wagner (1999, Lowell House, Los Angeles) in bookstores. List your reunion (also free) by emailing info to [email protected].

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