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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree
The Family Tree - June/July 2003
Beth made Honorary member of Clan MacFie

In a letter from the Commander of Clan Macfie, A.C. (Sandy) McPhie, Beth Gay has been named an Honorary Member of Clan Macfie.

Mr. McPhie wrote: "Members of Clan Macfie who attended the recent Scottish Weekend at the Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library in Moultrie notified me you will soon be retiring as Editor of The Family Tree (Not for a few more years, I hope!) and organiser of the Scottish Weekend. I write to acknowledge your significant contribution to things Scottish over so many years and wish you an enjoyable and rewarding retirement.

Furthermore, the leaders of three of the Clan Macfie Societies in the United States have drawn my attention to the excellent assistance you have given the Clan Societies and their members in regard to genealogical research and with the storage of their respective archive material. The Clan Societies are: The Macfie Clan Society of America; The Cathey Reunion Association and The MacDuffee/Macfie Clan Society of America, Inc.

The Clan Society leaders requested that I consider extending special recognition to you at this time. Accordingly, within my authority as Ceann-Cath, or Commander of Clan Macfie, I invite you to accept appointment as an Honorary Member of Clan Macfie.

With best wishes, A.C. (Sandy) McPhie. Annandale, Townsville, Australia.

Thank you all so much. Please know how much I appreciate the honor you have bestowed. I am delighted to become a Macfie!

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