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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree
The Family Tree - June/July 2004
Scotland My Scotland

Of late I have been busily writing my version of a Stevenson ish Verse book for children, and in between writing children's verse I come up with  some very neat pieces and I would like to submit this one for publication in the Tree.

 I hope you like it.

It is entitled Scotland My Scotland

Scotland My Scotland
By T.E. Watson ©2004

My home a land
Of castles past
A time of Highland
Shadows cast

A land where all dear
Clansman dwell
To gather yarns
And story tell

This land to fight
With life defend
My Scotland that
Will nae’ not end

On the book front I have two books coming out a little later this year. Mom Can I Have A Dragon is soon to be here. Glen Robbie, A Scottish Fairy Tale is to be released  later this year( crossing our finger for a Pleasanton Games release).

 Stay Well and Happy.

 All the Best

 Tom Watson

Award Winning Scottish Children's Author
and Columnist and
Radio Talk Show Host of Write Now
T.E. Watson  FSA Scot

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