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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree
“Cochrane” by Robert Harvey

It is no exaggeration to say, that the Nautical Novel as we know it, would not exist without Thomas Cochrane, the British Naval Officer whose adventures the novels of Marryat, C. S. Forester and more recently, Patrick O’Brien. Cochrane’s exploits excluded daring guerrilla raids during the Napoleonic Wars and service to the Independence movements in Greece, Chile, Peru and Brazil. Though second only to Lord Nelson as a Sea Hero, he repeatedly crossed swords with his own government, leading to scandal and imprisonment. Ultimately vindicated, he proved one of the great innovators in military history, devising revolutionary tactics and ship design. General Napoleon himself, a great admirer dubbed him he “Sea Wolf” so great the exploits of our Thomas.  In South America his successes further spread his fame and there historians refer to him as the “Lafayette of South America” Some of his ideas, and tactics ranged from Commandos, Amphibious Warfare to designing and building the First Operational Steam Powered Man-of-war which saw service. A leader whose mere presence in major battles was enough to cause panic and surrender when recognized. At home, a leader in England’s Suffrage Movement and always a Champion for fair treatment.   A fine biography of a larger than life Figure. 

Available at Common Reader at 1 800 832 7323, or and, at prices under $15.00. A Best Buy! A Great Scotsman!  Thanks to Chief Bill Blair for providing more current history and background of Thomas’s family and the late Patrick O’Brien for his in depth series based on Thomas life.

Howard MacCord (USNA Class 1959 and Ocean Sailor of 25 years), USN Retired

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