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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree
The Family Tree - October/November 2005

AHA My Yankee - always known as "DooDah" was kindly put down last month at his home pasture in New Elm, Georgia.  He was twenty-five years old and had suffered from chronic laminitis for his entire life - so was never ridden.  He would have up to several years between attacks, so did enjoy romping and playing most of the time. 

   His occupation was enjoying his life with his sister, AHA My Brendah, and his friend, Beth.  He was a faithful friend who always came to Beth's whistle or voice and who always offered a warm nuzzle and a soft whicker.

His father was My Adventure, former National Arabian Champion and his mother was an Egyptian Arabian from Wayne Newton's horses in Las Vegas. DooDah loved a hot bran mash, apples, carrots and to have his back scratched.

   He will always be missed.  He owed his long life to his farrier, Tony Stiltner,  who saw to it that his feet and shoes were always perfect.   

   He is survived by his grieving sister, Brendah Sue Louise (My Brendah) and by his always grieving friend, Beth.  His great friend, AQHA Poco Lenora - always known as Sweet Thing - died ten years ago.

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