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Welcome to Moultrie, Georgia
Moultrie Picture Gallery 2

Tucker is an Australian Terrier
Tucker is an Australian Terrier...(with Scottish roots, so Ann Carlton, his "mama" says.)  Tucker comes to work each and every day with Ann, who owns Turner's in downtown Moultrie.  You might see Tucker out on the leash surveying his Kingdom of Moultrie most any day.

Members of the library staff
Members of the library staff join The Family Tree in welcoming everyone to Moultrie and our libraries!  That's Johnnie, Maggie, Gail and Sheila!

The Bert Harsh Park
The Bert Harsh Park, named for former Library Board Chairman Bert Harsh, is located just north of the libraries in Moultrie.  It is unique in that it was the very first Historic Grove in Georgia!  All of the trees in the park are "historic."  Very appropriate for a park adjacent to a genealogy library, all of the trees are descendants of trees planted by famous and historic persons.  There is a Jimmy Carter Slash Pine, a Julia Gordon Lowe Crape Mytle, an Abraham Lincoln oak, etc.

The Bert Harsh Park has seats and picnic tables for visitors to enjoy.
The Bert Harsh Park has seats and picnic tables for visitors to enjoy.  Recently, Colquitt County High School invested the profits from their plant sale into a lovely shade garden in the Bert Harsh Park. The large tiles around the sun dial in the park were once part of the facade of The Moultrie Observer - our local newspaper.  These tiles were in place for almost a century in downtown Moultrie. All of the tables, seats, sundial...everything in The Bert Harsh Park has been donated by friends of the library in Moultrie.

The Museum of Colquitt County History
The Museum of Colquitt County History is located kitty-cornered from the library and The Bert Harsh Park.  It's open several days a week and is filled with interesting items from our pioneer days and Indian times all the way through the present.  There is no charge for visiting the museum, but donations are always gratefully accepted.

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