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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree

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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree
Scottish District Families Association
Newsletter - Summer 2003

SDFA Updates

Don't forget the exhibit Celebrating Scotland's Crafts at the Smithsonian Museum this summer. It runs from June 20th through Sept 12th.

I was given a flyer at GMHG concerning a disease I had never heard of - Hemochromatosis. The reason the young man was handing out the flyers at a Highland Games is that the disease has a high incidence in persons of Celtic descent. It is a common genetic disorder where iron can get abnormally high in the body. The young man handing out the flyers stated that they believe it is because the Celtic ancestors' bodies adapted to an iron poor diet and now their descendents' bodies cannot adapt to the iron rich/fortified foods. The website for this prevalent syndrome (1 in 200 persons in the US - once described as the 'largest celtic nation') is

And then there's the tartan visa card. Yep, it had to happen. You can get almost anything on a visa card today - why not tartan. This particular card is being offered by the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs in Scotland and their representative, Lord Jamie Sempill, (who could be a candidate for the SDFA since he is not part of a clan, but is the head of a family and hails from the Paisley District - I did inform him of that association with us) stated that part of the proceeds will be put into Scottish-American culture enrichment. The website for that is

Another website to explore is It has ancestral information on it and a "comprehensive coverage of Scottish heritage" according to its flyer.

I'm not sure if I have put The Celtic Connection in Fredericksburg, VA in a previous newsletter as a possible source for district tartans. Their e-mail is and their web site is

New Members

Welcome to our new members. Eldon Sturrock of Erie, PA is associated with the Angus District. Rebecca Smith is a Crawford family member. She is an RN from Hixson, TN. I would venture to say that she heard about us at the Tunnel Hill Games in GA. Christie Harrison of Telluride, CO is associated with the Angus District. As a member of COSCA Christie has been handing out SDFA flyers for about a year now. Henry Scott Caldwell from Melbourne Beach, FL is associated with the Paisley District. John Earley and Family join us from Loxahatchee, FL. John's association is with both Dundee and Stirling and Bannockburn as well as a possible link to the Paisley District. We have 3 more Roxie families - which means Roxburgh is way ahead in the number of members associated with it. They are Bobby Cecil Riddle, Jr. and Family from Sanford, NC, John E. Rutledge and Family from Lancaster, SC, and Steve Riddle and Family from Worden, IL. Steve trains and works Border Collies and has promised me an article about his work with them. So be looking for that in a later newsletter. Welcome to Elizabeth M. Powers and Family from Greenville, SC. They are associated with the Nithsdale District in the Lowlands of Scotland. They met distant relatives in the line at the SDFA tent at GMHG. See the South-Atlantic report

below for details. Stephen and Cheryle Jordan from Exeter, NH are associated with the Aberdeen District. The second half of the Nithsdale phenomenon, Philip W. Mullikin is from Manchester, MD. And another Caldwell group, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Lee Caldwell, Jr., from Pittsboro, NC, also associated with the Paisley District.

Flowers of the Forest

Jack and Carolyn Steele of Albany, GA lost their son Michael Craig Steele, 33, suddenly on January 23, 2003. Michael, a Leesburg, GA police officer, collapsed and then expired several days later from the effects of an embolism. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Steeles at this difficult time.

Genealogy Queries

If you are having a problem finding a certain ancestor or line and would like the help of the membership - this would be the section to ask for general help by having it published in a Query. Keep it short and mail or e-mail the query to me first.


Looking for Information: (Scotland)
James Wood-b. 1809 Sanend, d. 22 Aug. 1868 Fraserburgh m. 16 June 1832 Isobel Bruce
Does anyone have information on parents:
Alexander Wood & Janet Hutcheon?
Looking forward to hearing from everyone.


Books of Interest

Jack Steele writes of a book that might be of interest to SDFA members, The Scotch-Irish - A Social History by James G. Leyburn. This book covers the economic, political, and religious pressures on the lowland Scot in 1600, and the reasons why the trip to the Plantation of Ulster was welcomed. It details life in Ulster in the years between 1606 and 1690 and then covers the migration the U.S. and life in the major settlements in PA, VA, and the Carolina Piedmont Region.

2004 Annual Meeting

To remind you - the SDFA Annual Meeting will be held at the NH Highland Games in Hopkinton, NH next year. The games should be on the 3rd weekend of September.

Northeastern Region Report

(CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, VT)

We traveled to Rhode Island for the RI Highland Games in May. The new location at the fair grounds will enable the games to expand. Folks seemed pleased with the site. Now we just have to get the weather to cooperate--last year, for the clans and vendors, was a complete washout, literally. This year we had high winds. We had a hard time holding everything down and keeping ourselves warm! Next year will be perfect--we hope!

Our season is really just getting started with the Glasgow Lands games in Westfield, MA on July 19. The weather cooperated beautifully and the Committee announced a record- breaking attendance of over 5,000. Tom Lenahan (Strathclyde District) came by to visit with his daughter and two granddaughters. The girls were decked out in tartan--they were adorable. Also stopping by were new members Steve Jordan, Cherie, his fiancee, and Steve's son, Steve Jr. Cherie and Steve are planning a Scottish wedding for August 2nd and we wish them all the best. Hopefully they will send us some photos to put in our album.

Our SDFA genealogist, Diane Strout (Roxburgh District), and her husband, Ralph, joined us in the afternoon. Diane helped man the tent.

We will be heading for the Glengarry Highland Games in Ontario, Canada on July 30. This is vacation time for us, soaking up the sights and sounds at one of the biggest games around.

Then on to the Central NY, Maine, Quichee (VT), and Capital District games in August, New Hampshire and Staatsburg in September, and Goshen and Scotland (CT) in October!

We enjoy doing these games and it is always a treat when members come by to visit and help out. Our knowledge of Scotland, its tartans and its history is ever increasing. Moreover, we have met some wonderful people and made many friends. You never know whom you will meet! Last year a couple at the Central NY games noticed our name badges and we were surprised to find a connection to Dave's family!

Janet and David Battistoni
18 Harvard St.
Red Hook, NY 12571
e-mail -

South-Atlantic Region Report

(NC, SC, GA, TN)

Please note below that I have a new address.

I set up a table at A Celtic Celebration in June. This was the first time for this event, which was held at the NC State Fair- grounds in Raleigh. It poured rain, but we were thankfully inside. There was only Clan MacClean and our table plus one vendor. The music, however, was great! Naomi's Fancy, Dulcimer Dan and his Blue Skies Band, Iona, and Celtic Soul (who played very little Celtic music surprisingly). The dancer with Iona, however, was very excited to see us there. Her mother had researched their family, found that they were associated with Stirling and Bannockburn District, so the young lady wears that District tartan when she dances. She had no idea that there was an association for districts. She took a flyer to send to her mother in Massachusetts.

Things are heating up in preparation for the Celtic Fest in Cary in September. This Fest actually puts money into our treasury since the SDFA is one of the 5 original groups approached by the venue to assist them with setting up a celtic festival. We receive a portion of the cost of the reserved seating that is sold for our assistance on their committee and at the Fest itself.

Grandfather Mountain Games were a big success for us. Except for the fact that the torchlight ceremony had rain dumped on it and early Friday morning was wet and windy the weather was great. Not too cold, not too hot. We had a lot of visitors to our of the Hay Annex tent. SDFA members Mike Croft (whose Caithness kilt tartan is being woven by an independent weaver in Scotland - it's been a long search for Mike, and he is very excited) and Debbie, Christie and Matt Hitchcock (who btw took a 3rd again in the wrestling - Yay, Matt!!!), Jeff, Lisa, John, and William McDaris (15 year old John played with the Grade 3 Grandfather Mountain band in the opening ceremonies on Thursday and in the massed bands the other 3 days), Homer and Martha Phifer, Bill McKenzie, Paul Smallwood, and Phil Smith were there. We had 4 new families and 2 single members join there at the tent and a few take flyers who said they would definitely be sending them back in. Jeff was assisting at one point with the people looking up names in the clan sept lists and in the Tartan for Me book when a couple stepped up and said that they were told they were associated with the Nithsdale District. So he took them off to the side to talk to them about Nithsdale, so that I could help the next people in line (we had several people lined up looking for assistance at that point). The next couple, believe it or not, also had ties to the Nithsdale District so I had them sit with Jeff and the other couple while I went on to the next people in line. To make a long story short these couples were associated with Nithsdale through the same name (Mullikin). Both men (one from South Carolina and one from Maryland) knew their genealogy and in their discussions with Jeff discovered that their ancestors were two brothers who lived in Maryland together. Those two couples are new members, Elizabeth Powers and family and new member, Philip Mullikin. Philip wrote the following in an e-mail after the Games.

"Here is what I know about Mullikins. (all of it was reserched by someone else)

James Mulikin came from Blackmyre estate in Nithdale first. Patrick came several years later. Some research shows them to be brothers. In other research they are distant relatives. I think that they were brothers, and that there were two Patrick Mullikin's. If not then he made at least two maybe three Atlantic crossings which would be unlikely.

Anyway for those not familar with MD the state is divided in half by the Chesapeake Bay. The half east of the bay is called the Eastern shore the other the Western shore Patrick settled on the Eastern shore, and James on the Western shore.

I am the 10th generation of Patrick Mullikin. Lee Powers, the man I met at the booth, is the 11th generation of James. Some time around 1850 his family moved to NC.

Two things which I found to be interesting. First is the color of Lee and his sister's eyes. It was like looking into a mirror. The second was he began to kid around immediately, which is a family trait. These are a little more evidence that P&J were brothers."

Judi Lloyd
112 Riverwalk Circle
Cary, NC 27511
e-mail -

Mid-Central Region Report

(MO, CO, KY, NB, KS, IA)

[For those of you attending games in the Mid-Central check the Ferguson tent for Paul. Other Ferguson conveners are also aware of his involvement with the SDFA.]

I just returned from the Ferguson AGM in Portland, Oregon and the Gresham, OR games. Games in my region coming up will be in St. Louis MO, Tulsa OK, Ft Smith AR, Ft Worth and Salado TX. I will be attending some of these, but not sure which yet.

Paul's Cales, FSA Scot
No. 5 Park Dr., Apt 101
c/o Peachtree Village
Holiday Island, AR 72631
e-mail -

Northwestern Region Report

Due to a family emergency Francis Dyer may not be able to set up at the Jackson Hole, WY games in August.

Francis has very enthusiastically offered to convene the states of WA, WY, MT, and ID in the Northwestern Region - His wife, Barbara, will be his Assistant Convener. Francis started in the SDFA in the Northeastern Region with David Battistoni and has been anxious to start convening in his new area since he moved there. He'll be getting a schedule of events they plan to set up at soon.

His contact information is

Francis Dyer
P.O. Box 249
Black Eagle, MT 5941
e-mail -

Upcoming Events

 Note ** indicates that an SDFA representative will be at the event.

**Triad Highland Games - 8/15-16 - Archdale, NC - (336) 431-8482 - (Look for Mark Smiley at the Grant tent)

** Dave Cameron Highland Festival - 8/15-16 - Jackson Hole, WY - (possible set up) (307) 733-2662 - (Rick Dyer)

** Maine Highland Games - 8/16 - Brunswick, ME - (207) 688-4483

18th Annual Scottish Festival & Highland Games - 8/16 - Amherst, NY - (716) 689-1440

LI Scottish Games - 8/23 - Old Westbury, NY - (516) 731-1300

Quechee Scottish Festival - 8/23 - Quechee, VT - (802) 495-2213

**Capital District Scottish Games - 8/30-31 - Altamont, NY - (518) 456-3510

Longs Peak Scottish/Irish Highland Festival - 9/5-7 - Estes Park, CO - (800) 90 ESTES

45th Annual Ligonier Highland Games - 9/5-6 - Ligonier, PA - (412) 851-9900

Appalachian Highland Games & Scottish Festival - 9/6 - Murphy, NC - (828) 837-2242

Green Lane Park Scottish Irish Festival & Highland Games - 9/6-7 - Green Lane, PA (215) 234-4528

Sycamore Shoals Celtic Festival - 9/6-7 Elizabethton, TN - (423) 928-6517

** Celtic Fest - 9/13 - Cary, NC - (919) 462-2025

Whiteface Mountain Scottish Festival 9/13-14 - Wilmington, NY - (518) 523-1655

Niagara Celtic Heritage Festival - 9/13-14 Olcott, NY (716) 778-5730

Shawnee Mtn Scottish & Irish Music Festival - 9/13-14 - E. Stroudsburg, PA  (610) 825-7268

78th Fraser Highlanders in Concert - 9/18 & 20 - Charleston, SC - (843) 554-6060

Patchogue Celtic Highland Festival - 9/20

Patchogue, NY -

** NH Highland Games - 9/19-21 - Hopkinton, NH - (800) 358-SCOT

Charleston Scottish Games & Highland Gathering - 9/20 - Mt. Pleasant, SC (843) 881-4558

**Oklahoma Scottish Games & Gathering - 9/20-21 - Tulsa, OK - (918) 499-2585
(Paul Cales at the Ferguson Clan tent)

Pipes in the Valley Celtic Music Festival - 9/26-27 - East Hartford, CT - (800) 272-5945

Celtic Festival & Highland Games - 9/26-28 - Grand Junction, CO

Celtic Classic Highland Games & Festival 9/26-28 - Bethlehem, PA - (610) 868-9599

McPherson Scottish Festival & Highland Games - 9/26-28 - McPherson, KS - (800) 324-8022

Alexandria Scottish Heritage Fair - 9/27

Alexandria, VA - (703) 683-5849 (check the date on this one - was tentative)

Williamsburg Scottish Festival - 9/27 - Williamsburg, VA - (888) 883-2738

LI Celtic Highland Festival & Games 9/27 - Patchogue, NY - (631) 467-0629

** Flora MacDonald Highland Games - 10/3-5 - Red Springs, NC - (910) 843-5000

** Connecticut Scottish Festival - 10/4 Goshen, CT - (860) 651-9048

Tallahassee Scottish Highland Gmaes & Celtic Festival - 10/4 - Tallahassee, FL (850) 894-6270

Tennessee Highland Games - 10/4

Murfreesboro, TN (615) 848-9193

Radford Highlanders Festival - 10/11 Radford, VA - (540) 831-5021

** Scotland's Highland Festival - 10/12

Scotland, CT - (860) 464-1399

Scottish Border Games & Gathering - 10/18 (again a tentative date) - Fort Smith, AR - (479) 785-0448

Stone Mtn Highland Games - 10/18-19 Stone Mountain, GA - (770) 521-0228

Waxhaw Scottish Highland Games & Gathering of the Clans - 10/25 - Waxhaw, NC - (704) 846-4566

Richmond Highland Games & Celtic Festival - 10/25-26 - (800) 588-3247 (Sarah Norkus may be here at the Glasgow Society tent)

Foothills Highland Games - 10/31-11/1 Hendersonville, NC - (843) 842-5605

Scottish Highland Immigrants in North America - 11/6-8 - Richmond, VA


Ocala Scottish Games - 11/8 - Ocala, FL 11/8 (352) 347-2873

Getting Information on the SDFA

You can get information about the SDFA at the games by visiting the COSCA tent, or by writing to Jeff McDaris, 35 Ivy Lane

Pisgah Forest, NC 28768 or Judi Lloyd, 112 Riverwalk Circle, Cary, NC 27511. The address for the Home Page is  or

Jeff's e-mail address is Judi's is

For residents in the northeast, your representatives are Dave and Janet Battistoni. See information above. For residents in the Mid-Central area, your representative is Paul Cales, FSA Scot. Again see information above. All other areas contact Judi Lloyd.

Future Newsletters

We welcome any articles pertaining to districts, Scottish history, dress, trips, menus, Scots in America, etc. If you attend a games send me a writeup on what it is, what they have to offer, what your impressions were. Send articles via mail to SDFA Newsletter, c/o Judi Lloyd, 112 Riverwalk Circle, Cary, NC 27511. You can also e-mail articles to or

Games Conveners/Hosts and Hostesses

If any of you would like to represent the SDFA at your games please write or e-mail me, the Battistoni's if you are in the

northeastern area of the country, or Paul Cales if you are in the mid-central area of the country. To test the waters and get

your feet wet find the COSCA or SDFA tent at one of the games and spend some time talking to them and helping out. The volunteers there are a wealth of knowledge and will be very willing to let you 'hang around' and watch/help them.

Moving or Missing Your Newsletter

If you move please send me your new address so that correspondence from the SDFA can get to you. Also if you do not receive a newsletter within a reasonable time after it is due out (end of January, April, July, and October) please e-mail or write to me.

Membership Request

Name ____________________________________

Address __________________________________

City _____________________________________

State _______ Zip Code _______

District or Clan ___________________________

e-mail ___________________________________

Date _____________

How you heard about us ____________________

Enclose check or money order for $15.00 for single/$25.00 for family membership payable to SDFA and mail to

Scottish District Families Association
C/O Judi Lloyd
112 Riverwalk Circle
Cary, NC 27511
SDFA on the Web

You can get information about the SDFA at the games by visiting the COSCA tent or by writing to Jeff McDaris, 35 Ivy Lane, Pisgah Forest, NC 28768 or Judi Lloyd, 112 Riverwalk Circle, Cary, NC 27511. The address for the Home Page is  or Jeff's e-mail address is . Judi's e-mail address is


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