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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree
Family Tree Pet Album
Send us in pictures of your favourite pets and remember to tell us their names!
email them to Alastair McIntyre

  • Gallery 1
    1. Brendah and DooooDah, Beth Gay's Arabs. 2. Narra the Wonder Cat and the Family Tree Proof Reader! 3. Bonnie Lassie, belongs to John & Barbara Ferguson. 4. Issac Elliot and Skipper. 5. Boo who belongs to Tommy Newton from Alabama. 6. Max who also belongs to Tommy Newton of Alabama. 7. Macho of the Clan MacMacho. 8. Hunley and his big sister, Emmy.
  • Gallery 2
    A collection of Nanna Fan Mail and Get Well Cards.
  • Gallery 3
    The cats of Nikki Sanders
  • Gallery 4
    1. Bix. 2. Prince Charlie. 3.
    Peggie Hairy.  4. Sylvester Highway Bob-Wire Flop-Cat. 5. Coffee break for both of my hardworking "pets"!  Brian and our border collie, Chiclet 6. Easter Cats 7. Sarah Louise Clark who owns Joe and Carolyn Clark of Moultrie, Georgia. 8. Virginia McDaniel Weede's Scottie, Katie. 9. Narra the Family Tree proof reader.
  • Gallery 5
    1. HARPER's FIELD Rough Collies, Quentin, Super Sally, ChloŽ and Mia with owners Carla and Ken Harper. 2. Blue Christal AfterDark (tricolore) and Harper's Field Xeltic Lord of the Dance (sable). 3. N
    ew kittens for Timmy Connell of Canada...his very first experience at being owned by cats! 4. Yvonne (Sparkes) 18 month old Scottie MacGregor. 5. Madeline and Peewee. 6. Cooper Cone.

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