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Apple Charlotte

1/2 Kg Apples 
1 lemon
100g Sugar 
Thin slices of bread
Little Water 
50g Margarine

Time 30 Minutes
Oven Temp 200 celcius
Middle Shelf
Size of Tin 10cms approx.

Stew apples in sugar and a little water until tender and a thick pulp.
Add Lemon Juice.
Cut the bread in strips, having a round for the top and bottom of the tin.
Dip one side in melted margarine and line bottom and sides of a small cake tin (margarine next to the tin)
Pour in the pulp and place the other round of bread, dipped in margarine on top
Bake for 30 minutes until brown and crisp
Turn out and sift sugar over ...

Kindly provided by
Sandy Campbell