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Drambuie Oranges

In his latest Scottish cook book, celebrity chef Nick Nairn lists one of his all time favourite recipes. And he won't be alone in his enthusiasm for dishes served with Drambuie

Drambuie Oranges

6 to 8 small thin skinned juicy oranges
4 tablespoons Drambuie

Slice the top and the bottom off each orange and sit each one on a board.  Cut away the outer skin so that there is no white pith left behind and then slice each orange across into thin slices.  Arrange the slices overlapping in the centres of 4 large dessert plates, drizzle over the Drambuie and serve straight away.

Alternatively, place the orange slices in a shallow dish with the Drambuie, cover and leave to chill in the fridge for 3 to 4 hours, during which time the juice from the oranges will develop a wonderful tasting sauce with the Drambuie.  Arrange on serving plates as before and serve while the slices are still chilled end.

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