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When folks traveled across the ocean from Skye to Prince Edward Island, Canada they of course brought their recipes along. My ancestors from Skye in 1803, on PEI made and still make a pudding we know as Marrocs. Here is the recipe as given to me by my Grandparents, natives of PEI.

2 pounds of beef suet from around the kidneys. Ground (minced).
2 pounds of lean beef, ground.
2 quarts of flour.
2 tablespoons of salt.
2 tablespoons of ground cloves.
1/4 teaspoon of pepper.

Some in the family use allspice in place of, or with, clove. Some also add minced onion.

Mix well and steam/boil  in a pudding tin or wrapped in cheesecloth for 3 hours. We sometimes use coffee tins as pudding tins with aluminum foil tied on top.

Now, let's see if anyone from the Highlands and Isles can match it to the original recipe.

Thanks to
Robert Davidson for this recipe

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