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Mince and Tatties

Serves 4

Mince and tatties is a common dish in Scottish households.

1 tablespoon oil.
1 large onion, finely chopped.
1 lb beef mince.
2 medium carrots, sliced.
1 tablespoon toasted pinhead oatmeal.
Water to cover.
1 or 2 beef stock cubes.
Salt and pepper.
Gravy powder.
4 mealie puddings. (optional)
1 lb boiled potatoes, peeled.

Heat the oil in a pan and saute the onion until it is dark brown. Add in the mince and cook until well browned. Add the carrots and oatmeal, mix well and pour in enough water to just cover. Crumble in the stock cubes, season and stir. Lay the mealie puddings on top, cover the pan and simmer the mince for about 20 minutes. Once the mince is cooked remove the mealie puddings and thicken the mince with about 3 teaspons of gravy powder or corn starch mixed with a little cold water. Serve the mince with a mealie pudding and boiled potatoes.

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