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Moira's Pineapple Cakes

I take a cupcake tin and line each cup with the little cupcake papers. Then I make shortcrust pastry with a table spoon of sugar added to it and roll into little balls about the size of walnuts. Then take one ball and press it into the cupcake tin where you put your cupcake liner. Do this with each one until you fill your pan. Then cook according to recipe for cooking pastry shells. Once cooled add a tsp crushed pineapple to each one. Then cover with marshmallow cream to the top and stick in freezer to firm well enough to ice. I then make a regular white icing and add pineapple flavouring to taste and tint it yellow. These are great and I made up the recipe myself. But they are just like what you can buy in Aulds the Bakers.

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