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Oatmeal Dressing

4 - 5 cups oatmeal (I use quick oatmeal, but have used flaked. Do not use instant oatmeal)
Saute 1 large or 2 med. onions in 1/2 lb. butter or marg. (not diet marg) until onions have softened slightly. While the onions are cooking, add the following to the oatmeal and combine well:
approx. 2 Tablespoons Poultry Seasoning 
approx. 1 Teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon pepper.
Do not add sage, or other spices.
Add the sautéed onions and butter to the oatmeal mixture. Stuff it into both ends of the turkey and seal up as tightly as possible. When the turkey is cooked, remove dressing and enjoy!
HINT: Cook your turkey with the breast side down. The juices from the more fatty thighs (hmmm, thought that was only my problem) will seep down into the turkey breast, and will make it very moist instead of dry. 

For those of you who have never heard of this, try it, you may love it. It's delicious served when the turkey is first cooked, but it's out of this world delicious in a turkey sandwich with a little cranberry. The only problem with this is that you have to sneak a bit into a little bowl and hide it in the back of your fridge if you want some for the next day. I guarantee there'll be none left from the main meal. 

Thanks to
Shirley Buchan Hnetka for this recipe.

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